Friday, September 30, 2011

Officially Closed!

Just wanted to stop in and inform my visitors, that my blog is officially closed. Thank you so much visiting through out the years. :-)

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Creations by Rachael B is back!!!

Hey! Hey! Hey! Have you heard?  Yep, Creations by Rachael B is backing in action! Wooot! And she is back with a "Fresh Start." After several months off from designing she has decided to make a fresh start with her work and in her life. "Fresh Start" is a reflection of those times, when you've needed to start over with a clean slate and move forward one step at a time. And you can pick up this wonderful kit for only $4 right now!  So head on over to her shoppe and scoop it up!

And  here is my creation with "Fresh Start!" called Change is Good... My daughter Emma is about to begin a new school year(7th grade), as many of our children are; My LO reflects some of the changes she my face in the up coming school year and the unsureness it brings by the photo I scrapped.

Oh... and I made a freebie for you all to use with this kit, if you like.  Here it is and you can scoop it up over at Creations by Rachael B's blog:

Well that about sums it up for today! Thanx for stoppin' in and as always, happy scrappin'!

Friday, May 6, 2011

inter-National Scrapbook Day with 9th & Bloom

Happy inter-National Scrapbook Day all!!! Are you ready to shop, play and scrap?
I know I am!!!

And one of the spots I'll be hanging my hat for all the fun,
is 9th & Bloom!

Check out all the festivities they have lined up! Wooot!

And you see that "BOGO SALE" they have listed up above. Well, you read it correctly, there will be some amazing goodies bundled up and priced at gotta-have-it prices!!!
Here is what you can find by Creations by Racahel B at the Bogo price of 6 bucks!!!

Traveling Bogo

And if you are hooked up with Creations by Racahel B, like with her blog and FB page, you will get it on all of the festivities she's got planned. Check it all out below!

And here is what you will find new in Creations by Rachael B's Shoppe! And I got a chance to play with this amazing kit and luved it; I just know you are gonna luv it!

Just the Way You Are

Friends Forever
Well, that about sums it up from me! Happy iNSD!!!


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