Monday, October 29, 2007

Anyone up for a fun and inspirational challenge? Then come and join us over at the Pixel Gypsy's Blog for our weekly. I've posted the challenge & prize below, but head on over to Sherrie's blog for some inspiration from the CT.

THE CHALLENGE: This week make a layout about your spouse/significant other. If you don't have either, make a layout of someone important in your life that doesn't make it into your scrapbooks often. Use at least 2 alphas and some cardboard!

THE PRIZE: One randomly drawn winner will receive a $5 PGD gift certificate

Hope you join us!!!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Just wanted to show-off a couple of my most recent LOs. The first is a pic of Emma and Jenna.

This one illistrates the many faces of my Emma. What a doll hey?!!
I used the designs I picked up over at that Brasialian Store I posted about on Friday. They have so really talented designers over there! Go check it out!!!

And this one is from a trip to the family farms.

Credits can be found at my DST Gallery.
I received this from a friend the other day and just had to share it. Both her and I are cat lovers, so she knew I would find it totally amusing. And I did, cuz I go through this every morning with my cat Carmel. Carmel even gets to the point where he will start strumming on our windows blinds, to get me out of bed!!! (Cats are just too funny!) What would our lives be without their quirkiness?!!!

Speaking of cats and kittens, I wanted to share a few pics of our kitties, and also a pic of a sweet lil' kitten, that is in need of a home. This the adorable lil' "Peanut" and he is need of a new home. I would say he is about 7-8 weeks old. He is litter trained. We already have two kitties and the hubby says he can't stay. :(

And the following two pics are of our big ole' Carmel(on top) and lil' Ace(below). They are playing together on the cat tree... Aren't they just the cutest!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good morning!!! It is finally Saturday, the week from he (double l) is over!!! And my Emma is on the road to recovery, so it seems. She hasn't had a temp for almost 24 hours now. (And that second culter, surprisingly, came back negative for strep.) But, I will check her temp again today, just to be sure it is not one of those up and down things... Although, she sure seemed like her normal self last night, which is a good thing! Full of spunk & ready to eat!

Well, last night I was just bombing around the digi world and came across a Brasilian designer's blog, Patricia Amaral. And then went on to check out the store she sells at. And OMG! She is one heck of a designer!!! I loved everything I saw; my wish list is a mile long!!!! Here are two things I am just going to have pick up today... besides everything is 20% off! (I can't pass up a sale!) Especially on such gorgeous designs!!! Everything she designs is so vibrant & full of life... totally right up my alley. (Gosh! I just want to go crazy and shop away... I must control myself though...) Okay, I'm off to shop and then to create a LO... After that, I should get some cleaning done around the house, and then I think Emma & I will go do some bummn'.

Oh, and if you spend $10 or more in their shop, you get this humungo kit!!!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Okay, the last 24 hours have been a complete flop! All was going well yesterday morning; got up on time, Emma & I got ready for work & school, and I made it it work on time. Pretty good start to my day... But, then right after lunch, came the dreaded phone call from Emma's school... Yep! She is sick with a fever!! After I picked her up, I got her in to see Dr. Deb and her strep throat culter came up negative (a good thing, right?). Well, I have Emma pegged, in two days I bet that culter comes up positive. So, I'm home with her again today, she is still running a fever, no appetite(very unlike my lil' eating machine), aches & a headache. I feel so bad for her... (If I could, I would be sick, so that she wasn't.) Although, I do have a darn headache too!

Oh, and on top of my Emma being sick, we have to cats that I had to sulfer dip last night. (Our new lil' kitten brought ring worm into the house. (Not good!!!) So, it has been a very stressful time her in the Weber household...(No wonder I have headache!)

A good thing has come out of all this... Emma was so tired last night, she fell asleep at 7:30 p.m., which is early for her. So, after all was cleaned up and organized around the house, I had some time to do a lil' digi scrapn' and also this morning. I completed a LO for my CT spot over at my Pixel Gypsy Designs. See... I used her latest kit, Petit Bebe. I was so please at how this turned out; the kit was so perfect for this pic.

And then this morning in between caring for my sick Emma & laundry, I completed this sweet thing, which I created for the challenge going on over at Vera Lim's Blog.

Oh, and this one, just for the heck of it and because I like this pic of Emma. It was fun playing with the blending of the pic.

Credits for both LOs can be found in my gallery over at DST.

Otherwise, I don't know much... Just lookn' forward to a normal day tomorrow. Emma will be going to Grandma's for the day and I will be off to work. I really don't like it, when my schedule gets all screwed up... Although, it makes me feel good to be home and caring for my sick Emma.

Tah! Tah! Til later...

Friday, October 19, 2007

Me again! I just wanted to pop in and share a LO I created for the challenge going on over at Vera Lim's Blog. I have alot of her beautiful designs and this gave me the perfect opportunity to put her stuff into action for HER to see. I really enjoyed the challenge, it was very inspirational. We were to create a LO using at least 50% of her designs and using the same pic more than once on the LO. I had never used the same pic on a LO before, which actually turned out pretty cool. I'm gonna have to try that again real soon! Credits can found at my DST gallery.

OMG! Has it been week since I've posted here?!!! Naughty me!!!! But, seriously I've been without a puter at home for 3 days, so.... that's part of the reason. Otherwise, I have just been busy, busy, busy... I was kind of nice not having a puter, actually. (Sort of...) It's amazing what you all get accomplished when you are not spending all your time at the puter.

So, what did I do with this extra time?... Well, I did stuff around the house, spent some extra time with my Mom and with my Emma. So, time spent well!!!

I did squeeze a couple of LOs in since my last post, because I have PSE at work too. So, I got my fix by scrappn' on my lunch hour. These are 2 of my latest... And credits can be found at my DST Gallery.

Oh, and did you hear about the Fiesta going on over at ScrapArtist this weekend?!!! I so gotta be there! I luv the store and the of the designers. Just click on the image below and you can join in on the fun! See you there!

And one more thing... Check out this blog (Mrs. Wresh). I'm not even sure how I found her blog, but I am so glad I did! Lately I have been so luvn' what we digi scrappers call "magic", "sprinkles", or "fairy dust". And I found Mrs. Wresh has just the perfect sets of them coming out at Scrapbook-Elements this Sunday, 10/21/07. And if you head on over to her blog you can receive a sample of her "fairy dust."(Be sure and so thank you!) See... aren't they pretty!!! :)

Okay, enough for now... I'll be back though! Tah! Tah! :)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Two new LOs to share this morning. :)

Papers: Colorful Days - Slips of Paper by Slyvia
Brushes: KSC Fancy Brush Set3 - Corner Spec. designer unknown and Meshy Brushy by Emily Merritt
Ribbon: Ribbon Wrappers by Lara Payton
Frames: 1800's Vintage Photo Framez by MzPimptress
Wire Word: Wire Words Freebie by Gina Marie Huff
Flowers: Flower Frenzy by Gina Marie Huff
Stitching: Autumn Moments Elements by The Pixel Gypsy
Alphas: Fun & Funky by the Pixel Gypsy
Magic: Frippery Flowers by Tracyann and Glitter Sprays by Grace Bennett
And this one I put up for the Dig Dare this week,
cuz it fits the dare just perfectly! :)


Background Paper: Blue Flowers Paperpack by Vera Lim
Overlay: Don't Define Me Overlays by Corina Nielsen
Accent Papers: Box of Scraps by Anne Made
Alphas: Doodled paper Alphas by Vera Lim
Frame: Dingy Frames by Jackie Eckles
Ribbon: Stapled Ribbon by Vera Lim
Branch: Digitally Pressed Sample by Katie Pertiet
Dried Elements: Harvest Potpourri Sample & Dried & Tied Fall Floral Sample by by Jen Ulasiewicz
String of Leaves: Stroke of Autumn by Pett
Single Leaves: Harvest by Wetfish Designs
Fonts: Gigi and Comic San MS
Photo Effects: Defog Action by TMKP(Tracy Murphy Designs) and Aly's Vintage from PSE5.0

Monday, October 8, 2007

Just poppn' on in this morning to share a couple of things... First, here is a LO I created over the weekend of my Emma at the park. Don't you just love those cardboard circles I used?!! Well, they can be yours too (For zero dollars!) by headn' on over to Hana's new blog. Hana is on a CT with me over at Pixel Gypsy Designs, and I honestly didn't even know she designed. I so luv her style of designing already!!! (Don't forget to leave her some luv!)

Credits can be found over at DST.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Wow! What a day! It was like 84 degrees & humid! Definately a "Indian Summer Day" here in Wisconsin. (Not exactly our normal October weather.) By this time of the year we are usually wearing jackets and hats. But, we made the best of the heat and went on an adventure... We made our way down to the Fall Festival in the middle of town and then went to a local pumpkin patch and corn maze! (The girls were so pumped for this day!)

The Fall Festival was great! Emma and her friend Dalaney did a lil' bungy bouncing, we went on a horse drawn hayride through town, and checked out the vendors. We then ventured out to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. The corn maze was fun, until we couldn't find our way out! And with the heat, and no water, we just wanted out of there! We eventually found our way out and then headed on over to the pumpkin patch! The girls chose the biggest pumpkins they could find and had smiles a mile wide! (The pumpkin made up for getting lost, I guess...) :) Here are a few pics from today. Oh, and I've thrown in one of our latest addition the family. Meet Acer. :)

Well, I'm out of here for the evening. Off to relax in front of the t.v. with my Emma.

Good Sunday morning to you! So what does everyone have planned for today? I hope it is something enjoyable. The weather is calling for a beautiful Indian Summer day here in southern Wisconsin. Perfect weather for for an outdoor adventure. I am taking my Emma and her best friend to the local Fall Festival, pumpkin patch and corn maze. We are all looking so forward to! And of course I'm taking my camera!!!

I'm sharing a lo I created yesterday. It's a conglomerate of a whole bunch of designers work. I so luv how it turned out. It's a pic of my Emma, walking in the park. It was a beautiful day, so all my pics turned out beautiful too. (I luv it when that happens! :))

Credits can be found here, over at DST.

Well, I am off to get my ironing started, so that I can play later!!! Have a great day! :)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Oh my... it's been too darn long since my last post!!! Although, I have just been enjoying some time doing other things. Time with the family and just plain relaxing. (I hoping to find some mojo though, and flip out a few LOs.)

I do want to mention a fun and inspirational challenge going on over at Pixel Gypsy Designs. The challenge is to create a monochromatic LO. When this challenge was posted for the CTers to create for, I wasn't all that excited about it. But, I found out that it was so much fun, and the outcome was wayyyyy too cool! So, I will most definately be creating another monochrome real soon!!! Here is mine:

So, head on over and give it a try! There will be loads of inspiration and a prize!!!


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