Sunday, November 25, 2007

Good Sunday morning! I am up with the birds again today... 4:00 a.m.!!! :0 I have a number of things on my list of things to day, so I figured I best get up early. Here is what's on my list of things to do:

1. Iron (but, I don't have a ton to do... SWEET! :))

2. Deccorate Christmas Tree with my Emma.

3. Emma & I need to deliver the Girl Scout Nut & Candy orders today.(Just a few, so shouldn't take too long.)

4. Work on family calendar. (Gotta get this done... Christmas is a comn'!)

5. Oh, and I would like to create a LO for my CT spot over at Pixel Gypsy Designs.

I'm wondern' if I will get it all done... I suppose if I stepped away from my puter, I may... Hah?

I was suppose to go traditional scrap with my Mom today, but I just don't think that will happen. I have too many other things to get done. :( This bumbs me out, but work before play is my motto, so....

Before headn' of to snuggle with Emma last night, I squeezed in a LO. See.... I used Gina Miller's new holiday kit... I was itchn' to use it, so....
And here is my LO. Complete credits can be found over at DST in my gallery.
Well, off I go to iron. Have a great day!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Hello! I just had to pop in and share these freebie links with you. Head on over to "The True Team Blog," this blog is Faith True's team blog. There you will find a whimsical & fun holiday kit! The kit is so totally adorable, a must have!
So head on over there, and don't forget to leave her some luv!

Oh, and as long as I'm pointing you in positive directions, check out Luiza Garay's Blog. She is a Brazilian designer, with a huge amount of talent! Check out this beautiful holiday kit she has posted as a free goodie! Isn't it just totally stunning!
(Don't forget to leave her some luv too!)

Well, I'm out of here to do some unzipping and playing! Tah! Tah! :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Wow! It's been almost a entire week since I last posted! (That is so totally not like me...) But, I suppose, that may give you a good idea on how busy I've been. And unfortunately, I've been way busy with things, other then digi scrapn'! I got one stinkn' LO completed this week, that's it! This is one, I completed for Vera Lim's Challenge, which is going on over on her blog. The challenge was to use her word art. This was not hard for me, especially since I have almost ever set in her store! :) The pic is of my daughter Emma and her cousin Jenna, whom are like sisters actually... (Their relationship/friendship and closeness, remind me of the relationship
my sister Marcie and I had ~ I miss her so much! It's been almost two years, since I said good-bye to her, and my heart still aches every day...)

Full credits can be found over at my DST gallery.

And I also wanted to share with you, what I found in my mail box yesterday!!! A GIFT!!! And a very special gift, from a very special friend, Sherrie Piegdon. I am on her CT, and luvn' every minute of it! And I can't believe I actually have a T-shirt I can wear and show-off!!!
Thank you so much Sherrie!!!!

Well, since I have some piece and quite in the house tonight(Grandma has Emma), I must get back to some projects, I've been workn on. A 5x7 pic for a dear friend and co-worker of mine, our family calendar, and my X-mas cards. Yep! These are a few of the things that have been keepn' me busy... :)

Tah! Tah!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm back, I wanted to share a new LO with you also. I finished this one up last; It's for my CT spot over at PGD. It's a LO of about our new family member named Peanut. I've also shared the products I used from PGD. Head on over to Sherrie's store,
because there are loads of eccentric designs to choose from!!!
Complete credits for my LO can be found over at DST.

Oh, and one more thing... My daughter Emma & neice Jenna have
started creating fun & accentric hand-made bags, in 3 differents sizes (small, medium & large). They are selling these versitile bags at the following prices;
cell phone case for $1.00, small purse for $2.00, medium purse for $3.00,
large purse for $4.00, and a book bag is $5.00.
I'm even sharing a few pics reflecting what they can be used for; Webkinz bags & even hats!
So, if you are interested in helping them get their new business off the ground,
leave me a comment here on my blog.
Oh, and here is a lil' something to make you smile... Some tool-time going on here!!! :)

Good morning! It's lazy day Sunday; My favorite day of the week! I hope it is a lazy day Sunday, anyhow... I did my cleaning yesterday morning while Emma & Jenna hogged the puters, so I'm hoping to get some puter time today. I did get quite a bit down around here though. I did 5 loads of laundry, swept the floors, and vacuumed through the entire house. After that, I took Emma and Jenna roller skating. They had a great time together and I took lots of picks.
I'm hoping to scrap these today.

I was up before the birds this morning... 4:00 a.m.! :0 Darn Carmel, jumped up on our dresser and starting tipping things over. (He does this when he wants me up... It's his way of saying, I'm hungry!) So, I did some digi shoppn' over at Designer Digitals. I couldn't pass up the .25 cents items, and of course, I found a few more items I just had to have! Here are a few of the items I picked up. (The first two items are the .25 cent items.)

And while blogging I found these, which I have added to my wish list.
Aren't they just gorgeous?!!! I so luv Vera Lim's designs!

And have you seen this awesome kit by Laura Skati? It's only $1.00 over at FPD!
I picked that up the other day.

So, now I have plenty of goodies to play with today! (I wonder if Emma & Jenna realize, that my puter is off limits to them today?! :)) I wanna scrap! So, I best get off to my ironing, so I can...
Tah! Tah!

Friday, November 9, 2007

I was doing a lil' blog reading this morning and stopped at Tabby Lewis' blog. And I just had to share with you, what's she is gifting over at her blog. Totally beautiful Winter designs!!! (You can tell she luvs Winter and that she misses it, hah?! (She is currently living in Florida; lucky girl!) I wouldn't mind living in Florida, like maybe the Keyes.
Anyhow, ckeck out her blog and be sure a leave her some luv!!!

And here is my latest creation. And of course it's a pic of my Emma! :)
Credits can be found over at DST in my Gallery.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Is it really Sunday evening already?! Ah... man... this means it's Monday tomorrow and back to work... :( I do luv my job, don't get me wrong, but... Well, I'm not gonna whine about it now, I have a couple of LOs to share.
After, this last Saturday and celebrating Digi Scrapbook Day, I just couldn't resist scrappn' with some of my new goodies from all the sales. :) My favorite spot to shop had to by The Lily Pad! Anyhow, here are a couple new LOs.
This one of my Diva Emma. :)

This LO reflects the transformation of the hunting camp, where the hubby deer hunts each Fall(which is coming up in a couple of weeks.) Tony is a good friend with one of the family members. They started rebuilding early Spring and take a look at this beauty of a cabin. Quiet a difference hah? Just think of all the man-power put into the new cabin! Cool hey?!

Credits for both LOs can be found over at DST!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

DSD Storewide Sale!

To celebrate National Digital Scrapbooking Day, everything in the Pixel Gypsy Designs store is 40% off (excluding CU licenses)! This sale will be going on from now until the end of Saturday, so don't miss your chance to pick up some great deals! And there a huge amount of unique and fun designs there!

Happy DSD from Sherrie & the Gypsy Girls!!

Here are a few of The Pixel Gypsy's newest
and my favs!!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Good morning!!! It's Friday!!!! :) AND tomorrow is National Digi Scrap Day! Yep you heard me! We officially have a day dedicated to our addiction! (And it's about time too!) And in the digi world, there are tons of sales, games & challenges going on. Just to give you the ups, in case you didn't see this post already, Carin started a thread over at Digi Shop Talk. The thread lists all of this in one spot! Wooo! Whoo! (Talk about enabling, hah?!!!)

Well, I've to got to get to work now! Tah! Tah!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Good evening! And tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!! I can't believe I survived the week! It's been a bit crazy, with a sick child, sick kitty and then Halloween... But, I'm still kickn'...

I decided I needed some time to scrap tonight, so I did just that! I finished up two LOs for my CT spot over at Pixel Gypsy Designs and got a couple of pics from our Halloween festivities, spruced up for my blog.

This LO includes a pic of my boss and his Grandson.
Credits found at DST.

And this one is of my Emma & Jenna climbing the rock wall at
Town Country Days, this last Summer.

Credits found over at DST.

And here are a couple of pics from our Halloween Festivities.
The first is of my Emma in her costume.

Credits: Halloween Mega Kity by Coralee Evans(a/k/a Scrap Diva Princess) and
Trick or Treat Freebie by Rhonna Farrer

And this one is of Emma's Girl Scout Troop. Tuesday night we took the troop Trickr' Treatn at an assited living facility where my sis works. The girls wanted to add some sunshine to the residents' day, which I believe they did. Fun was had by all!

Credits: Creepy Halloween by Gisela


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