Saturday, December 22, 2007

Two more days until Christmas!!! Wooo! Whooo! I am so lookn' forward to family time and some relaxation. And relaxing is exactly what I'v'e been doing all morning... :) I've just jumping all over digi world; checking out galleries & leaving luv(I so need the inspiration right now!), joining in on the forum fun over at DST, and doing some sale shoppn'! Here are two good ones you won't want to miss!

Laura Skathi has the following 3 kits priced at $1.00!!! Yep! $1.00 each! I couldn't decide which one I wanted most, so I bought all 3! But, heck... at that price, why not!!!

Head on over to Laura's Shop at Funky Playground Designs for these lovelys!

And then I jumped on over to the LilyPad to pick of a few items of Amy Martin's... she has a butt load of items priced at under $1.00. These are the ones I just had to have!

And these can be found over at Amy Martin's Shop at the Lily Pad.

Otherwise, it's been pretty low-key around this household today. We sleft in... I did anyhow. (Emma was up at 4:00 a.m. and never fell back to sleep! :0) I'm sure she is just all excited for Christmas. Karissa, my neice arrived at 10:00 a.m. to hang with Emma and spend the night. They have already been out on the sledding hill behind our house, topped it off with some hot cocoa & cookies, and now there up in the scrap room working on some holiday creations. (Busy girls...)

The dh, is sitting in front of the big screen with his laptop on his lap. (A daily routine thing...:)) And the kitties are all nestled up together in a big pile! See...

Now, I'm off to organize a few new sets of pics I took and then it's scrap time!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Good Friday morning all! Well, just a few more days until Christmas and we are pretty well set in this household. Christmas cards are out, presents are bought & wrapped, family calendar is complete, and a few hybrid gifts are all done... Phheewww.... The holidays are beautiful, but yet a bit over-whelming...

I haven't had a whole lot of time to digi scrap, but I did squeeze a couple in over the last couple of weeks. Typically, I do 2-3 a week, so it's clear my time is limited during the holiday season, just like everyone else. But, Christmas Day will come and it will be time to enjoy family time and good food!

Full credits can be found in my DST gallery.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well, you can certainly tell it's the holiday season... time is short and we are all running around in a frenzy!!! LOL! So, that's my excuse for not blogging in over a week!!! ;) Damn! I've been wayyyy too busy!!!

Anyhow, I have something I must tell you about... (I had to take a moment to show it off!) It's the eccentric work of the Pixel Gypsy!!! Yep! She is at it again! And I so luv this, it is just too darn cute!!! It is seriously the easiest and quickiest gift to put together; it took me an hour, the other day, to put one together & print it! Seriously!!! So, if you wanna give it a try, head on over to Pixel Gypsy Designs.

(This CD case calendar makes a fun and easy project perfect for gift giving! Formatted for use with any slimline CD jewel case, this set includes 12 month calendar page templates and a cover template in quick page (.png) format. Simply slide your photos behind the pages, print, slip into the case and give! Terrific for last minute gifts! Instructions included.)
Tah! Tah! And stay warm! :)

Sunday, December 2, 2007

OMG! It seems like forever since I have posted on my blog...
So, I'm stoppn' on in to tell you a lil' about my world...

We got nailed with a pretty good snow & ice storm over the weekend, thus we had no choice but to hunker on down in the house. (And I luved it!) I got a few things completed that have been on my list of things to do. I finished up our family calendar and started printing the pages. I spruced up a pic for the family calendar and touched up a Weber Family pic & uploaded them both to Shutterfly. I finally got my sewing machine out & got Emma's GS badges on her vest... and a few other things... AND I scrapped using some of the Pixel Gypies new designs.
You've gotta see these new beautiful and festive holiday kits of hers!(Pick them up at PGD!!)

"Holiday Charm"

"Holidays of Old"

And here are two LOs using these awesome kits:

Full credits at DST.

Oh, and I just have to share this pic with you! We have two sweet, adorable, lil' kittens in the house, and we have just been lovn' it.... until... we put up the Christmas tree!!! These lils shits have completely trashed our tree!!! The bulbs are almost entirely cleared off the tree, the branches are droopping, and the tinsil is a shambles!!! So, we decided just to let the tree as is until Christmas Eve and then pretty it all up again for Santa. (They'll grow out of it and next year my tree should be safe...) Anyhow, I snapped a few pics of our Peanut in the tree last night. Isn't he just a cutie? (Even though he was being a stinker at the time!)

Okay, this is turning into a story, so I'm out of here!
Besides, I feel the need to bomb around the net!


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