Sunday, August 24, 2008

Not much today...

It's been a slowed paced Sunday around here and I'm luvn' it! It's been so stressful lately... so nice to have a breather... Between work, keeping up at home and helping my Mom, things have been a bit over-whelming... But today though, slow.... :)

Emma has her best bud Sidney over to hang-out at the pool. The hubby, well he is wondering around like he's lost(LOL!) and me I finished up two LOs this morning, and now I'm going to iron and clean my car.... That's it, nothing major.

Here are a few of my latest; the last two are the ones I complated this morning:

Well, I out of here! Have a great day! Tah! Tah! :)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is this just beautiful?!!! I captured this Wisconsin sunrise just minutes ago and had to come back here and share it with you all. This is why I get up before the birds...
Good morning and happy Sunday! So what's on your agend for the day? How will you spend your Sunday? Me well... I started my day by getting up before the birds today. I slept in until 7:30 a.m. yesterday and went to bed fairly early last night, so I figured I should get up early today. Ya know, to get a jump on my day. I wanted to be sure and post to my blog for one thing. Yesterday I spent my day cleaning the house and doing laundry; boy was I tired after working so hard... Thus today, I will do my laundry and then go out to my Mom's and see what I can do for her. She was hospitalized again this last week, but is regaining strength again. But, still needs alot of help around the house... things like cleaning stuff that she can't do herself yet. Oh, and Emma and her cat Ace are going to have photo shoot today at our local Walgreen's photo dept. This should interesting and fun! So, anyhow... I have few things to tell you about from my digi world...
We're still going strong on the AAM challenges over at PGD, and we love seeing all of these pages! Keep 'em coming! You still have plenty of time to take part in the challenge, since the official and definite due date for all LOs is November 9th. Read more info here. Last week, we asked you to reflect about family. This week, we'd like you to think about friends. Family is all well and good, but sometimes you need a friend, someone who isn't related to you, someone who hasn't changed your diapers, someone who can laugh at your family with you. A true friend can even feel like family, even closer than family. So bring on those LOs about your friends. Once you have that LO done, post it in our gallery or another one and link us up because we want to see your lovely faces and leave you praise! The LO below is my creation for this challenge; me and my best friend Tina. We are always there for each other no mater what. We don't get to spend much time together lately; but we both know that we'll always be best friends.

And here are few more of my latest:

Now on to new products at PGD... Look what Ami & Amanda have been up to this week! Collectively they've added 2 coordinating paper and element packs and an awesome template to the Pixel Gypsy Designs store!
These fantastic worn, vintage papers and elements from Ami are perfect for scrapping those 4th of July photos you still have to get on pages (yep, I have 'em left still too!) but also would be great for heritage, summer, boys, girls or military layouts! Talk about versatility in a product!
Plus Ami added a great template, new in the store! (I am so hooked on templates lately, so I must play with this awesome one!) And Amanda is adding to her Wild Things Collection! Last time it was zoo-themed Wild Things, this time it's Prehistoric! Super cute for anything dinosaur-related, this kit would also work fabulous for baby boy or at-play layouts!
Be sure to stop by and pick up these awesome new goodies! Have a fabulous weekend!

Oh, and before I leave I would like to share a couple of pics of my Mom. Here she is at the hospital showing us how well she is motoring around. (This one was prior to her return home and then bout back in the hospital this last week.)

And this one here is of her when she first returned home, when Emma and I stayed with her for a few days. We had cousin Jenna for the weekend and the girls were pampering Grandma with a foot message. (Sweet hah?)

Well, I guess that's it for today. I'm off to do my ironing... Tah! Tah!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

It's been awhile...

Yep! I've been one very busy girl... Between work, taking care of my Mom and squeezing in some scrappn' time for my CT spot, I've been busy! But, things should let up now. Mom is home from the hospital, and after a week of staying with her(between my sis and I), Mom has been let loose on her own. And considering how nervious I was to let her on her own, she's doing pretty good.

So, anyhow here are a butt-load of LOs that I compelted since my last post over three weeks ago. There's alot... Complete credits can be found here at Pixel Gypsy Designs, my home. Some of them are for my AAM album I'm workn', which is a challenge going on over at Pixel gypsy Designs. We are about half way through, but it's still not too late to participate! None of these pages have a weekly deadline - they just all have to be done by November 8th, when the contest is over and we'll randomly select the winner of a $25 gift certificate to the Pixel Gypsy Designs store and a gift certificate to Shutterfly, where you can get all your AAM pages printed into one big personal book! Wow! For more information about the challenges, see this thread.

Okay, on to some of latest products over at Pixel Gypsy Designs!
There are ton, but these are the latest...
If you're looking to scrap zoo pics, check out Amanda's Wild Things--she has some adorable animals in there. (This kit was a suggestion of mine, and I just love what Amanda created!!) If you like bright and a bit whimsical check out Jamie's Bit of Whimsy (new in the Gypsy Girls Collection), or if scrappin' rectangular is your style check out my new Design Plates Rectangles templates! Wonderful hey?!!! Head on over to the shop, to see the rest of the new products; there's lots of them!

Well, that's it for today. Have a great Saturday! :)


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