Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Isn't this one of the cutiest pic you ever did see?!!! That's my Emma... silly and wistful!!!

All products by Pixel Gypsy: Expressions Pastel Paper Pack, In my Garden Element Pack, Glitterati Borders - Curly, Fun & Funky Alpha,
and Fonts used: Thoughts, The King & Queen, & TNR

Monday, July 30, 2007

I just finished my Amazing Digi Scrapping Race Challenge #5 LO, and this one was a struggle! No wonder why they call it a challenge!! I knew right away what I wanted to scrap about, its just getting it placed and on my LO. I so luv Christina Renee's designs, but boy I have a tough time scrapn' with them. I guess scrappn' with bright, spunky and fun colors comes a heck of alot
easier for this girl. Anyhow, here is my LO....

French Country Side by Christina Renee
Note Card: By Shannon Lee Designs with My Digital Muse
Font: Times New Roman
OMG! That Sherrie girl from over at Pixel Gypsy (http://www.pixelgypsydesigns.com/) has created a number of way spunky and unique products!!! I have been giddy about them all day... I mean check out these papers!!! They are awesome!!!
And the "Torn Apart" Elements, are just so much fun!!!
I just want to quit workn' and scrap my heart out!!!

I'm sure you agree, that these are must haves and will create some outstanding LOs!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I just finished downloading the pics from our weekend adventures, and I just had to share some! So, here are some pics from the Barbeque, Engagement Party, no wait... I mean Wedding!!! Roxanne and Keith made it official!!! Congrats guys!

And here is a pic of my Emma enjoying her new bunk beds...

Good morning people! It's Sunday morning and I have so much on the agenda this morning, but yet I sit here at my puter... Gotta get my puter time in though!! :)

Yesterday afternoon we had an Engagement Party to attend for Tony's neice Roxanne & her main man, Keith! Well, we all thought something was up, and sure shit... they got married yesterday afternoon!!! It was so awesome and so much fun!!! Everyone thought it was cool though... what a wonderful surprise for all! Especially their parents! The whole thing was so Roxie's style!!! I'm sure I'll be sharing pics from day, some time today... :)

And before we headed off to the party, I did a lil' shoppn' over at Christina Renee's store!! See my new goodies!

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Good morning!!! Well, I slept real good in Emma's new bunk beds last night, very comfortable... Almost everything is in place, and of course Emma wanted me sleep on the bottom bunk, while she slept on the top! She really luvs her new bunks and her new room! We still have to switch the closets around, but otherwise both our scrap room and her bedroom are switched. Boy, that was a job to get everything moved, but like I explained to Emma... the hard work will be worth it in the end. And as we are laying there in bed last night (Me on the bottom and Emma on top.) she said, "Mom I luv my new room and bunks, I luv you!" (See... the hard work was
worth it!!)

I'm posting my Challenge #4 LO for the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race... finished her up after the big move yesterday and before going to bed in the Emma's bunks! :) Boy, what a productive day!!!

Background Paper: Peekaboo Cardboard by Tracyann
Green Ribbon: Bohemian Funk by Corina Nielsen
Beads: Itty Beady Bit of Autumn by A Mouse Design
Paper Border: Paper Borders by Corina Nielsen
Cream Mat: Sweet Innocence Sampler by Cottage Arts
Additional Papers: Accent Papers(Earthy & Boys) by Anne-Made
Flowers: Urban Buds by Christina Renee
Fonts used: Denise Sans and Franklin Gothic Book

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Good evening peoples! Finished up another day of work, came home did my stuff around the house (cleaned the liter box, fold a load of laundry and emptied the dishwasher), and now I'm here! :)

I thought I would share two LOs I finished up using the awesome Pixel Gypsy's products. They are both great LOs, all because of the products! :) If you haven't been over to her store you best check it out! She now has a 1$Annex and bunch of awesome new products!!! She really has a uniques styln' knack for designing!

Credits: (All products by Pixel Gypsy) Background Paper is Dually Noted Papers, Love Scribbles and In My Garden Doodles.

Credits: (All products by Pixel Gypsy)
Tattered Beach House Kit
Tears: Traci Simms Tears

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I just finished up a LO and had to share! Isn't it beautiful? (Almost as beautiful as the sunrise!) I took this pic last weekend, off our deck, over-looking the golf course. I was up before the rest of the world and when I saw the sunrise, I had to capture it in more then just my memory!!!

Background Paper, Flower, Frame and Doodle: Julia Kit by Scrapladies
Off white Paper: Winter Warm Kit by the Design Team at Pickle Berry Pop
Checkered Paper: Sea Dreams Kit by Ann-Marie
Additional Papers(cropped): Cardboard Solids by Julie Olioli of Sweet Shop Designs
Pic Overlay: Maratona by Crib Oliveira at Scrap Desafios
Yellow Cardboard: Cardboard Pieces by Fern Lili @ Fernlilis
Fonts: Sunrise is Hotel Coral Essex and Wisconsin is Marketing Script

Lookie what the Pixel Gypsy has created!!! She has been so busy lately, that I'm not sure when she did-up these sweet & spunky things, but they sure are the perfect set of doodled-up flowers?!!! (Like most designers, she probably pulled a couple of late nights! Very dedicated!) Oh, and if you will notice, she has included the non-colored version in the set! So you can color away yourself or use them as is! Pretty slick!!! I luv them!
You can pic up a sample of these sweet things over on Sherrie's blog. Thank you Sherrie!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

This is my Amazing Digi Scrapping Race Challenge #3 LO. The challenge was to create a fairytale or storybook layout with one of theses themes: Once Upon a Time; Three Wishes; If I were Queen (or Princess or Prince or King) of the world. I had never created a fairytale or storybook layout before, can you tell?!!! LOL!

Credits: Full page created using "Wizardry" by Amy W. Designs

Here is another one I put together last week... It's of my Emma enjoying the pool & critters in PV, Mexico.
She is my little critter lover!!! :)


Background Paper: Cardboard Solids by Lauren Grier of Sweet Shoppe Designs
Torn Papers:Corner it by Vera lim
Bead String: Diamonds by Kim Higueria
Bling Bling: Essential Brads by Meus Scraps
Stars: You are a Star Doodles by Carrie Bombria of Lilly Pie Designs
Photo Corners: Fun with Photo Corners by Tiff Brady
Tan Ribbon: Basic Ribbons by Glau
Frame: Brown Medium Frame from PSE5
Fonts: Title - JailbIr Jenna and It Ain't Rocket Science
Journaling: Tempus Sans ITC

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Check these pics out!!! Emma and Jenna found a tree frog near the pool yesterday and decided to invite it into the pool for a swim. As you can tell, Emma was really enjoying it and Jenna wasn't to sure about it!!! LOL!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

OMG!!!! Check out this new collection from one of my favorite designers (Sherrie Piegdon over at Pixel Gypsy) !!! Isn't it just awesome... I so luv everything about it and will be scrapn' away with it (today!).

Friday, July 20, 2007

Good morning! Sherrie Piegdon and I finished our Amazing Digital Scrapping Race Challenge #2 LO!!! We had so much fun with this, and it was so much easier to do then I thought it would be. I just love the way it turned out!!! We make the perfect team!!!

Photo frames by Designing on the Edge
Cardboard flowers by Weeds & Wildflowers
Bows by Paper Moons/Anna Benjamin
BG Paper: Eeryday Solids by Corina NielsenAlpha
Title: Fun & Funky Alpha 2 by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy
Word Art: Hopes & Dreams Sentiment Pak by Michelle Shefveland & Doria Castle of Cottage Arts
Doodles: Swirlies I by Cornina Nielsen
Swirl Doodle by Amber Clegg

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Just poppn' on in to share a LO I started last night and finished up tonight.... :) (Oh, I so luv it when I finish something I started, no matter what it is!) The pic and kit went so wonderfully toghether! I felt with this one, that the pic was such a priceless one, that I would keep the LO on the simple side. Although, this kit is sooooo going to get used often, with our PV pics!!!

All products: Sea Drams Kit by Ann-Marie
Fonts: SP Toby UnleashedHoney ScriptStencilJailbIrD Jenna

Well off to snuggle with the Emma and watch some tv together. (It's our down-time together and a must have for Emma's bed time.) :)

Nite! Nite!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Good early evening! First I just have to tell you about a new product over at Pixel Gypsy)! These are a most have for any LO! I am sooooo going crazy, because I haven't had a chance to scrap with them yet!!! (Sherrie has done an awesome job with these!) I wanted to digi scrap last night, and my daughter Emma wanted to go watch a play that a few of her friends were in. So.... being the good Mommy that I am, we went to to see the play (which was really pretty neat!), and made my Emma happy. :) Then, today at work, we had a meeting over the lunch hour, so darn! NO SCRAPPN' FOR THIS GIRL! BUT, I don't care what it takes, cuz tonight, is the night!!!

I just thought I would share a few of my favorite freebies I found today, just in case you hadn't come across them. :) (AND DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE THEM SOME LUV, BECAUSE THEY DESERVE MORE!!!)
This one is Citris Sea by Kim Crothers (http://www.kimcrothers.com/):

And this one is Journaling Highlights by Jackie Eckles: (http://www.littledreamerdesigns.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=1586)

Oh, and this one is, Funny Stiches by Natali: (http://scrapwithnatali.blogspot.com/)

Monday, July 16, 2007

Poppin' on in to share my Amazing Race LO... that's all...

Aquarium pics from Shedd Aquarium Website
All digi products from Digi Starter Kit from ScrapArtist.com (Designers: Lori Burnhurt & Michelle Coleman)
Fonts: Shedd - Rage Italic, Amazing & Troop - Arial, and Journaling - Pea Beth R

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Poppn' on in to wish my dear friend and "Partner in Crime," Sherrie Piegdon a very happy Birthday!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good morning Saturday morning! I awoke this morning(at 5 am) to the sound of thunder and the patter of light rain coming down; it was so nice to lay in bed and just listen. It was so peaceful! A great way to start the day, instead of having to get up and work out, shower and head off to work.

The dh went North for the weekend with one of his hunting buddies. They are building a new hunting cabin (mansion). I hope he enjoys his time away. Emma and I, have a trip to Build A Bear Workshop planned for this afternoon. She is so excited, because we were finally able to snitch her friend Justin to go with. (Not a boyfriend... just a friend she says.) Heck! She is only 8 and boys should only be friends!!! (But, we do have to tease her about it! ) LOL! Grandma is coming with and maybe my sis, so of course it will involve a trip to Hobby Lobby also!!! :)

To top off our weekend, Emma and I will be going out to Grandma's tomorrow to scrap traditional style! We are all in need of a day to scrap and talk crap! :)

Well, I wanted to share my latest digital creation. It includes pics of Emma enjoying the ocean in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this last March. I seriously have to get those pics scrapped and in the vacation album. I hoping to use alot of them in the upcoming "Amazing Race". Wooo! Whooo! The race starts on Monday!!! I'm so excited!

Oh, a few things about me, since I did say I'd start being a little more open about myself. Well, let's see... I'm a full-time Paralegal at a great Law Firm in Madison. I work for an attorney that practices mainly Elder Law and Estate Planning. I do the Guardianships and Medical Assistances applications for the elderly. I truly do love my job; it's a great firm to work for. (Even though I bust my butt and get stressed often... but what job doesn't do that?)

Okay, a couple of little tid-bits about me... I eat a "Jethro" size bowl of ice crean almost every night! I live for ice cream! I don't drink milk, yuck! I like things neat and organized, at all times, or I just can't relax... I luv doing for others, especially for my Mom!(Heck, who doesn't like a little help once and awhile.) I hate liers and thieves! (They just piss me off!) And lastly today... I enjoy working out and get up at 4 am three times a week to do it.

Well, I'm off to upload my new LO to DST and then I guess I'll work on my ironing for awhile.

Background Paper, Note Paper, Cardboard, and Ric Rac: Tattered Serenity Kit by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Sage Ruffle and Buckle: Notions Element Pack by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Flowers: Big Bloom by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Stitched Circles: Bohista Kit by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Tag: Papertag Freebie by Sue Cummings
Starfish: Ocean Blues Frills by Amy Cheeseman
Frames: PSE Vintage Frame
Alphas: Summer Picnic Alpha by Tracy Collins(Retrodiva)
Fonts: Surf - Corps-Script
Emma & Journaling - Dirty Duo

Friday, July 13, 2007

Freebie Alert!!! And I just really love this one! (I'm a border freak, along with an embellie freak, and, I'm a paper freak...) Shit! I'm just a freak! But, seriously, you will love this freebie! See... And find them here: http://jessicagornydesigns.blogspot.com/

Okay... I'm off to bed! I'm a tired girl! Tah! Tah! And sweet dreams...

Oh, and stay toned... I think I'm gonna start opening up to the world. Maybe(I said maybe...), tomorrow I may share a few things about me (Laurie) and my world...

Sweet dreams....
Oh... it's going to be a good day! Got up on time, worked out, and still have time to spare! Well, I wannt start by braggn' up Sherrie Piegdon's new product over Gypsy Pixel Designs. She released her Blingy Basics pack yesterdayy. She added a little punch to that ever-popular basic: the staple. Sh strung them with beads and sequins of all sorts of colors! Check them out here;http://pixelgypsydesigns.com/Content/Catalog/Product.aspx?guid=0a1c5743-c753-470e-8a07-1edee212b5a9! What a great idea, hah! I luv them!!!

And Sherrie is turning the BIG 29 years old on Sunday... (Oh... to be 29 again!!! Enjoy it Sherrie; you deserve it!) So, to celebrate she is having a humgo sale over the weekend! The perfect time to pick up those awesome products of hers!

Everything (except $1 Annex items and Commercial Licenses) will be marked down 29%. The sale will start at 9 a.m today (Friday) morning and run through 9 a.m. Monday morning. I hope that you can make it and help her celebrate!!
Well, off to work on a LO! Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Holy Crap! I'm a digi scrapn' fool!!! But, I'm trying get myself all ready to rip for the big race. :) Anyhow, here is a LO I created tonight, and I must so I'm pretty darn proud of it! I really dug into my stash for this one...but every now and then I just really enjoy flippn' through my Z drive to see what's been stashed there! (Which is way too much!)

And now... I best step away from the puter! I'm in need of some snuggle time with my Emma! :)

Green Background Paper: EveryDay Solids by Corina Nielsen
Aqua Torn Paper: Manic Monday Freebie by Corina Nielsen
Star Borders: Star Borders by Carrie Bombria w/ Lilly Pie Designs
Paper Stars: Kinda Trashy Shapes by Lauren Reed
Paper Border: Paper Borders by Corina Nielsen
Aqua Paint Stroke: Paint Strokes by Tabby Lewis
Trim: Crafty Trims Vol. 1 by Tiff Brady
So Adorable Quote: A Valentine For You Sample by Tina Chambers
Font: Arial

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

One more post this morning since I have time. I just had to share this LO I came across while bloggn' yesterday; it is just so truly beautiful! Isn't it?!!! Check out Camila's LO on her blog: http://camilanaweb.wordpress.com/2007/07/08/fim-de-semana-produtivo-los-e-freebie/

Good morning! I got up before the birds this morning... 4:00 a.m. to be exact! I awoke to my cell phone recorded alarm going off. The recording is Emma saying, "Mom, wake up, it's time to start another day!" Get up and work out!!!" Emma and I set this recording, I was hoping it would get my butt moving in the morning. And worked!

I have four LOs to share with you this morning. These a few I've completed over the last week.

All products by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Template Used: Roll With It TemplatesKit: In Transit Kit

Back Groud Papers: Vintage Dreams Kit by LBA
Graphic Rub On: Vintage Dreams Kit by LBA
Yellow Paper Piece: Stitched Stuff(Bold & Brights) by Anne Made
Green Ribbon: Stitched Stuff(Earth Tones) by Anne MadeCorner
Cardboard Piece: Cardboard Pieces by Fernlilis
Flowers: Shabby Flowers by Christina Renee
"Shabby": Retro Rock Poster Font"A Lil": Mistral Font

Back ground Paper: Summer Flowers Abime Freebie by Melothria
Circles: Painted Circle Frames by Amanda Roberts
Photo Flowers: Doodle Fleurs by Melothia
Ribbons and Butterfly: Light Dreams by Heike R. Zauberbaumfee
"Laugh Every Day": Express Yourself Kit by Ronna Penner

This one I created for a challenge going on over at Corina Nielsen's Blog (http://corina.typepad.com/). It's called the "Black and White Challenge"... and it was a challenge because you can only use 10% color!!! But, here it be... in finished form. I really pushed myself to get it finished because I hardly ever participate in challenges and because I love her products!!!

Background Paper: Everyday White Paper Pack by Corina Nielsen
Circle Paper: Box of Scraps(For the Boys) by Anne Made
Borders: Funky Borders by Corina Nielson
Flowers: Doodle Hardware & Pretties by I Made This Today
Decorative Hook: Playing Hookies by Corina Nielsen
Girl Alphas: Fun & Funky Alphas 2 by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Poolside Alphas: Alphapalooza by Corina Nielsen

Well, gotta get in the shower, get Emma up to start her day, and then get her off to Delaney's house & me off to work! Tah! Tah!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Good Sunday morning people, that is if there are peoples reading my blog... LOL! Not, that it's a big deal, that there is not a ton of people reading my blog. But, I would hope someone found it useful, once in awhile... So, anyhow... I have a freebie to share today. It's from Ronna Penner with the Shabbby Princess Shoppe and it's a sweet lil' kit. Isn't it?! She has such a fun, funky style.


Well, today... All I have my agenda is to get some ironing done; my pile is high! And if I don't get some done I won't have anything to wear to work this week! And then I'm gonna finish up a couple of digi LOs I started and maybe work on re-doing my blog header(I'm feeling the need for some change...).

Off I go... later peoples! :)

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Good day people!!! And it was... I awoke to an e-mail from my digi friend Sherrie Piegdon, asking if I wanted to team up with her for the Digi Scrapping Amazing Race - Season 2 http://ndisb-adsr.blogspot.com/ And I said yes! And yep!!! I'm freakn', cuz I have not participated it this size of a challenge before... But, heck Sherrie has gone gungho and now she has me pumped all up, instead of scared!!! We came up with a team name of Pixel Gypsies. (I figured it was appropriate because her wonderful products are sold at her store "Pixel Gypsy Designs.) (The links are in my sidebar of course!) We chose our motto “Artistic, eclectic, free…racing gypsy style.” And Sherrie jumped right in and created a team blinkie and blog (http://pixelgypsies.blogspot.com/)! And she did an unbelievable job on both of them!!! I so luv her style so much!!! We will make a perfect team!!! So if you wanna follow our adventures and creations in the race, hop on over to our blog!!!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Good morning! And I'm wayyyyyy early this morning... I just couldn't sleep any longer, so here I am! Hey, I signed up as a member over at http://disctalkradio.com/, the other day. Sherrie Piegdon (http://pixelgypsydesigns.blogspot.com/ and http://www.pixelgypsydesigns.com/) was talkn' it up over on her blog, so I went on over and checked it out. (I mean really checked it out.) I liked what I saw and I trust Sherrie's opinion, so I signed up for one year. Well, for the month of July, Nancie Janitz with Scrap Artist(http://www.scrapartist.com/) (one of my favorites spots to shop), is the Featured Artist. It gave some insite on her as a designer, Nancie's chat with Deann and a full kit! Here is a pic of the kit; isn't it awesome!!! So, what are you waiting for; go check it out!

And check out the cute lil' July goodie over at Peppermint Creative(http://peppermintcreative.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=249)! Isn't it sweet!!

Oh, and I just finished up a LO I started last night, but didn't finish because Emma and I had to get snuggle time in on the couch! (She can't fall asleep without it!) :)

Doodles: By I Made This Today
Photo Border: Glitter Borders by Lemonaid Lucy Designs
Photo Corner Doodle: Sketch Doodles by Tacy Sims
Doodle Alpha: Doodle Alpha by Lisa Whitney
Font: Arial Bold
LO inspired by "I Made This Today" LO over at http://i-made-this-today.blogspot.com/


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