Sunday, April 27, 2008

Happy Sunday!!!

Well, here we are... my favorite day of the week, Sunday!!! Wooo! Whooo! I was up before the birds this morning... 4:00 a.m.!!! I just luv getting an early start on my day; it's so quiet in the house. Thus, I can accomplish so much before the rest of the family is up and at it! The sunrise here on our hill, over-looking the golf course, is so pretty. I also luv catching a glimpse of that!

Yesterday, was a very productive day, as far as everything but digital. I did do some surfn' in the morning (PGD, DST, and my favorite blogs), but other then that I didn't sit at my puter until later last night. Emma had dance lessons at 9:30 a.m. and then we stopped for our Saturday morning Capppuccina. After that we headed on over to our local thrift shoppe and did some breezing through there (we luv going to thrift shops). Once we arrived home, I got in a cleaning frenzy. I dumped the liter box and cleaned that up all nice and fresh, for the boys(we have 3 kitties). Then I started in on a heavy cleaning of our downstairs living room. I wiped down all the woodwork, pulled out furniture and vacummed under everything, dusted, and completely moved the entire room around. It looks pretty cool actually, and smells so nice... fresh & clean! Oh, I also did five loads of laundry in between... After all of that, Emma and I went and did some grocery shopn'($122 later!) and came home and made supper. I then finally got a lil' puter time; I started a LO using some gifts I received over at DST today.
I will share the LO once it's complete... almost there.

Well I wanna share a couple of new blogs I came across, one is called Gallery Standouts. The site consists of a group of designers, that point out some pretty awesome LOs. If you are lookn' for some inspiration or need to pump up that mojo, you may want to check it out! The other is called Mushy's Ramblings. She is sooooo creative, and I totally fell in luv with this little digi book she put together! I have gotta put one together, it will make wonderful Mother's Day gift for my Mom! She is offering up the quickpages and template to us, so go get it.
(And be sure to thank her for sharing such a wonderful book!)

I also wanted to tell you about the one year Birthday Sale going on over at Pixel Gypsy Designs, everything is 50% off until the end of the month! That's right 50%!!!

You are probably gonna wanna pick up these awesome corrugated papers while you are over there! Aren't they just awesome?!!!

Here is LO I finished up this last week using the Corrugated Papers - Spring.

Completed credits can be found at PDG and DST.

Also, our big NSD issue of Gypsy Expressions will be hitting in boxes in about a week. Make sure you're subscribed to get it. If you haven't subscribed yet, you can do that HERE.

And there are a few days left in Autism Awareness Month. That means there's still time to donate to a great cause and receive the Everyday Joy Collection for free! Details on how to donate and the gifts you will receive when you donate can be found HERE. Plus you have until May 1st to post your layouts for the Everyday Joy Challenge. The challenge winner will be working with me to design their own custom coordinating element and paper packs! All of the info on the challenge can be found in THIS thread at PGD.

Also, I just have to tell you about the unique and fun goodies I was gifted with over at DST in the last two days!!! I have been on a lucky streak, I guess!!! This one is called Funky Tweet by CRE-BISONTINE. Her are links to her blog and her shop, which you will find plenty of things to drool over. But, isn't this kit just the spunkiest thing you ever seen!
I am hoping to play with this one today! And I of course will share my creation with all of you.

I also won these two beauties from the fantastic Edeline. You can find her wonderful products over at Cinnamon Designs, and if you would like to visit her blog, it's here. The LO I started last night, is turning out so darn fun, because of Edeline's designs!
I can't wait to share it with Adeline and all of you!

Well, I best call it quits for now and get to my Sunday morning ironing. Tah! Tah! for now! :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Well, I missed blogging on my normal Sunday morning.. just a bit busy, is all. We had a wonderful weekend though! The weather was beautiful (in the 70's)and my niece Jenne came for the weekend. We were busy beavers around here. I took Jenna and Emma roller skaing, which I even put on skates and had some fun with the girls. It brought back memories of when my sister Marcie (Jenna's Mom) and I used to take the girls to enjoy fun activiies. It made me long for Marcie to be here with us.... I miss her and all the fun times we shared with our girls. But, I know Marcie is lookn' down on us from heaven and smiling, knowing her daughter Jenna is enjoying life. I even heard Jenna say, that she loves coming to house because it is so fun...
(That made me feel good inside!)

Otherwise on Sunday, we spent the day at Grandma's. I did yard work for my Mom, because she just can't do it anymore; it's hard on her bad back. I enjoy doing things for my Mom... because it makes me feel good and I know she won't be hurting from attempting to do it herself. The girls took a walk in the woods, road bikes and were just girls on a nice Spring day.
I even hot them to cklimb trees, just like I did when I was kid.
Here are few pics from their tree climbing experienc.

And I must share a few of my recent LOs too!

Full credits can be found at PGD and DST. :)

And I must show you the new products over at Pixel Gypsy Designs!
And I'm gonna play with them today, for sure!!!

Well, I'm off for the day, gotta get my Emma off to school! Tah! Tah!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Pixel Gypsy Designs Crop Today!!!!

Pixel Gypsy Designs is holding 2 crops today to have a little fun and talk about the Everday Joy collection, the Helping Hand program, and autism awareness month.We'll have a daytimers crop at 4 p.m EST and a night owl crop at 10 p.m. EST. We'll be playing games with prizes for the winners and Sherrie will have a very special promotion going on during the crop times only. Please join us for one (or both!) of the crops, we'd love to see you there!
Crops will be held in the Pixel Gypsy Live area. Our chat lounge is for community members only. If you don't currently have a Pixel Gypsy Designs user account, you can create one by going to the Pixel Gypsy Designs home page. Once you've created your user account, set up your community profile and you will have access to all of the community areas of Pixel Gypsy Designs. (Details/instructions on how to set up your community profile can be found HERE.)
Bring your friends! The more the merrier!! I'll be there too! :)

Oh and I have few more LOs to show off...

Full credits can be found in my gallery at PGD or DST.

Otherwise, I haven't been up too much, other then the norm... Work, home, and family. Yesterday Emma invited a friend over(Sidney) and the three of us went on a great adventure. We went to the Mall and visitied Build-a-Bear Workshop and Limited Too! :) Emma and Sidney both picket out a new stuffed friend and a Webkinz.(Gosh, I think Emma is getting close to having 60 Webkinz! :0) And, me... I bought 2 new pairs of clogs from JCPenny(never mind how many pairs of shoes I have!!! LOL!). (Thus, I was able to throw out two of my old pairs, that were in horrible shape... cracked soles on them.) Then we headed over to Chuck E. Cheese, for some pizza, games and craziness(man that place is a zoo!). Here are a few pics from out adventure.

End to top our day, we had Sidney stay for a sleepover! We snuggled up in front the t.v., watched "Meet the Robinsons," and ate popcorn and ice cream. Fun was had by all!

And today... well Sidney went home, since we were kind of hogging her. And now I'm workn' on some ironing, laundry and just normal pickn' up and cleaning up.

Cuz... this afternoon I'm croppn' and scrappn'!!!

Well, best get back to my ironing! Tah! Tah!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Challenge over at Pixel Gypsy Designs!!!

First off, congratulations to Heather! :) Her layout was drawn as the winner for last week's Today Challenge! A great big thank you to everyone who played along! We hope that you'll be playing along again this week!

The challenge this week has been issued by Mari. She's looking to see a little fun in those layouts!

The Challenge: Use at least 1 photo of something silly (a funny face, your child dancing, your dh's little quirks, something you think is silly), make sure to include the word 'Silly' somewhere in your LO and use a bracket somewhere in your LO (there are some great bracket frames in the Everyday Joy kit). Have fun!

The Prize: $15 PGD gift certificate

Link us up to your LO by April 17, 2008, either here or here.

Subscrib to the Gypsy Expressions Mini-Mag

Gypsy Expressions is the monthly mini-mag publication of Pixel Gypsy Designs, featuring technique & general digi scrapping articles, inspiration from the Gypsy Girls, featured member layout of the month, news about all the newest products at PGD and upcoming events, special discounts and goodies just for Gypsy Expressions subscribers and much more!
You can sign up to receive Gypsy Expressions HERE. The flagship issue will be going out this month, so sign up today to make sure you don't miss it!
Oh , and we're holding 2 crops on Sunday, April 13th to have a little fun and talk about the Everday Joy collection, the Helping Hand program, and autism awareness month.We'll have a daytimers crop at 4 p.m EST and one at 10 p.m. EST. We'll be playing games with prizes for the winners and I have a very special promotion going on during the crop times only. Please join us for one (or both!) of the crops, we'd love to see you there!Crops will be held in the Pixel Gypsy Live area, which can be found at the top navigation right under the Gallery link or just click here!
Hope you can join us for all the fun!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Good Sunday morning everyone! And it is going to be a beautiful day here in Lake Mills, WI; sunny and 60 degree! A perfect Spring day! (I actually saw my first fly this year and it's buzzing around here, buggging the heck out of me! Ggggrrr....) Anyone, we had Emma's 9th family Birthday party last night, which was loads of fun! I so love having get togethers, with the house full of people. There is nothing, any better, then spending time with family and friends! Emma loved her "Sponge Bob" cake and all the fun gifts she recieved. Cousin Karissa slept over last night and now the two of them are busy playing with all of her new gifts.
I'm sure I'll be sharing pics of the bash soon...
I think today, I will do some yard work. A little raking, and clean the leaves out of the bushes and such. Get some fresh air! I go back to work on Tuesday, after my sinus/nose surgery, and I'm lookn' forward to it! I miss the structure!
Now, here are some of my most recent LOs. Full credits can be found here and/or here.

Well, I'm off for now! Have a great Sunday! Tah! Tah!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Blog for a Cause!

Help us spread the word about the Everyday Joy collection and Pixel Gypsy Designs' donation drive for the Helping Hand program! Getting the word out equals more donations for this awesome grant assistance program for autism families, and we need your help! Anyone who blogs about Everday Joy and our fundraising drive between now and April 11th, providing the Everday Joy details and a link to THIS page and leaving us a link to your post in the comments here at the PGD blog, will be entering you in a drawing for a $25 Pixel Gypsy Designs gift certificate! Our goal is to raise $1500 for the Helping Hand program. This amount would fully fund one grant at the maximum amount! You can see our donation meter on the page linked above, and keep track of our progress! Get those blogging fingers ready, and don't forget to leave us a link to your blog entry at the PGD blog HERE!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Everyday Joy Challenge

Looking for an fun and inspiring challenge? Well, then come on over and join us at Pixel Gypsy Designs; details below.

Get the Everyday Joy Collection for FREE!

Good morning! Laurie here after a week of no fun!!! I had surgery on my nose last week, to fix a number of sinus problems. In plain english, not doctor verbage, the doc broke my nose(which had been broken when I was child) and straightened it back out, removed some cartilage and a bone, and a few other things that I won't go into. Yesterday, the splints and packing were removed, which relieved me of alot of pain and pressure(although the process was not pleasant!). And now, I'm dealing with swelling and ick! So, this last week has not been a pleasant one for me, although I am on the road to recovery. This sure has been a reminder for me, to appriecate life without pain. Ya know, some people suffer with pain every day of their life. I'm not sure how they deal with that... Anyhow, here is a pic of me, the morning after my sugery, I awoke to all 3 of our kitties snuggling with me in conern. (I had to sleep upright in our recliner for the entire week... NOT FUN! And boy, does my hubby need a new recliner; it is totally unconfortable!)Now on to something very important and digi scrap related! April is Autism Awareness month and Sherrie Piegdon of Pixel Gypsy Designs has a new collection called "Everyday Joy," available for the month of April. Autism is a subject that is very personal to her because her son was diagnosed as severely autistic 3 years ago. This month, Sherrie she is working with the National Autism Association to raise funds for their Helping Hand grant program. Helping Hand provides grant money to autism families in need, to help them pay for important therapies, supplements and biomedical treatments.

During the month of April, when you donate to the Helping Hand program through the National Autism Association, using the special link provided by Pixel Gypsy Designs, Sherrie will send you pieces of her newest Everyday Joy collection, for free!! This is her way of saying thank you for donating to a charity that does so much good.

In the Everday Joy collection you will find 3 paper packs (1 solid, 2 patterned), an element pack, an alpha pack, a monogram pack, a bracket frame pack, a scalloped mat template pack, a badge album and a layout template pack that includes 10 layout templates.

For previews and complete details on how to donate to Helping Hand and to receive the thank you gifts she is sending out, please visit this link:

Sherrie is not collecting donations on behalf of the NAA or Helping Hand. She is working in tandum with the NAA to provide digital scrappers with gifts when they donate in the month of April. All donations are processed through the National Autism Association website and all monies go directly to them. In order to receive your gifts, you must use the donate links located on the page above. After your donation is made, Sherrie will contact you within 5 business days on how you can download your gifts.

Sherrie and her Creative Team thank you in advance for supporting the Helping Hand program. It is a very special and important program that offers a ray of hope for families struggling to find the means to pay for treatments for their autistic children.

Sherrie welcomes and encourages anyone to post this information on their blog or website. If you have any questions, you can contact her here.

Oh, here are some of my most recent LOs. The first three are using products from the "Everyday Joy" Collection. So, you can see how detailed and rich this kit really is. On the first two LOs I used papers & elements from the kit, and on the third LO I used one of the page templates. What an awesome and huge kit; I'm so in luv with it! My fourth and fifth LOs are using Sherrie's products also. The newest product being the "Painted Alphas," and
"Acrylic Alphas," aren't they awesome?!!!
Full credits for all my LOs can be found here.
Well, this is turning into a book, so I'm on with other things. Later! Lor


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