Saturday, September 29, 2007

Good morning! It's finally the weekend; I thought the work week would never end! I do luv my job and everyone I work with, but I just wanted to be at home! I was sick of workn'! :)

But, yesterday on my lunch I created this LO. (The best way to spend my lunch hour, is scrapn'!) I figured I best get back at my vacation pics, since those are the pics I decided to do digitally. Although, some how I always end up getting myself off track. I'm sure it's because I take pics that I just can't resist doing digitally... Anyhow, this my new LO! And I luv how it turned out~

Credits: Can be found in my gallery over at DST.

Well, I have some cleaning to do this morning, so off I go for now! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oh, heck!!! It' been one too many days since I blog!!! :0 But, life has me pretty darn busy... Although, in between family and work, I have squeezed in some digi scrapn' and shopn'! Se....

This LO I completed for my CT spot over at PGD Blog. It's for a challenge that will be going up over there, this Sunday (9/30/07). You should probably go over and check it out! There were will be some wonderful prizes and a whole lot of fun and inspiration! I honestly had never completed a LO monochromatically, but I so luv the results! Gonna being doing that more often!!! And this one, was a just because LO... Because I had some new products to play with from Designs by Vickies and because I was playing with brushes and all neat effects you can create. Too much fun and way too cool!

Credits: For my LOs can be found at DST.

And I've done a lil' shoppn' today... Ooooops! But look!!! Who could resist these!!! Like Klyie Clark's "Doodle Your Own Layout" kit! This is just one preview of what's in this kit too; there are a few other previews. The kit is huge!!! And if you head on over to her Kylie's Blog you can pick up the code to received $2.00 off! Now, that's cool hey?!!!

And I also found a number of other nifty designs while I was over there!!! Anne-Made and Rachel Young designs!!! Couldn't pass the up!!! (Heee! Heee!)

Well, shoots! I best get back to work... since my lunch hour is over! :) Tah! Tah!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Doing a little digi scrappn' today. :) But, only after the work is done... I decided to wash all the bedding today, so everyone has fresh beds tonight. I so luv crawling into bed when everything is fresh & clean. I've also finished up some ironing for the work week. And now that I've completed another creation (see it below), I'm gonna run to the grocery and take my car through the car wash & vacumn it out. After that, I think I'll find my way to my scaproom and traditional scrap for awhile. (Maybe my Emma will join me...) Anhow, here is my latest creation:

This LO is for my CT spot over at the PGD. It's a pic of my Emma before went into the Mall to visit one of her favorite spots... Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Well, off for now! Til later...

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Friday!!! :) So, any plans for the weekend? Me... well, I'm thinkn' I will do some outside work, like wash my car, get some weedn' done. Stuff like that... It's suppose to be beautiful ,and I'm not sure how much longer that is going to last. :(

Well, I was doing some bloggn' earlier this morning and found on Vicki's Blog that she added some wayyyyy cool products to her store over at Dig Scrap Shak. So, I went on over and checked them out, and boy what awesome products and deals!!! Very unique, so I couldn't resist buying them. :) Here is a preview of what I picked up. (I thought they would be perfect for Fall LOs.)

Well, I'm off to work for the day! Tah! Tah!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Good morning! It's hump day... is that it? Heck, it's been a long week and feels like it should at least be Thursday! Oh well... still smiling here!

Hey, there a huge sale going on over at Plain Digital Wrapper and it's today only!!! Melissa Bennett's designs are all priced at $1.25 each!!!! Now that is a heck of a deal!!! May have to go do some shoppn' today.

Well, that's it for now... until later....

Tah! Tah!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Good Monday to everyone!!! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I know, I certainly did! Did some work around the house, enjoyed some family time, and (of course) scrapped some too!

So, is anyone lookn' for a good challenge, some inspiration and a chance to win a prize?!!! Well, if you are, head on over to The Pixel Gypsy's blog, because she has a fun challenge this week!

The challenge is to scrap a photo or moment/event when a child was being goofy, silly or funny. Doesn't have to be your child...can be a family member, friend's child or even yourself as a child. Try to include one photo and journal about what the subject was doing that was goofy/funny/silly. Use at least one ribbon and one alpha.

THE PRIZE: This week's prize being giving away is a $5 PGD gift certificate to TWO winners!!

So, what are you waiting for, head on over and join in on the fun!!!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Good Sunday morning to the world!!! I have been up and at it since about 4:30 a.m.; our kitty Carmel wanted me out of of bed and kept at me until I got up... (Goofy kitty!)

Although, I certainly don't mind because it gave me the opportunity to finish up this LO (Big Third Grader) for the challenge over at Lucky Charms CT Club , Bren Boone's to CT blog. :) I just couldn't pass up her challenge!
Credits can be found here.
Well, I don't have much planned for today... get my ironing done and then I guess I may go outside with the girls and enjoy the Fall cool, crisp air(Bbbbrrrrr...the temp is 49 degrees right now! But, it will warm up.) There is nothing like Fall pics!

Off to check out what's going on over at Pixel Gypsy CT fourm... (I hope I haven't missed anything...)

Tah! Tah! And have a great Sunday!!!

Friday, September 14, 2007

Good Happy Friday!!! Just poppn' in to share a couple awesome freebies. (Don't forget to leave these great designers some luv!!!)

Over at Scraphead you can find these great ribbon elements! Luv them!!!

Find it over at Le Blog DigiScrap: They are just cutiest, aren't they?!!!

Tah! Tah! Until later! :)

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Well, here it Thursday already... Where has this week gone? I have been bustn' butt at work and home, trying to stay on top of things. Why can't there be two of me? LOL!

Well, I finished up another LO yesterday using The Pixel Gypsy's new Autumn Moments. This kit is full of rich Fall colors and with a whole lot of uniqueness!! I am so in love with kit!!! I started this LO on my lunch hour at work yesterday, sent it on home, and finished it up last night. It's funny how this LO looked the first time around and then how it ended up in it's final form... Two completely different LOs. I think the reason for that is, I had two different ideas in my head, tried the first and then the second; I way preferred the second LO for this pic. One of the great things about digi scrappn'. :)

So, here it is. This is a pic of Emma at the park last Sunday, when we spent 3 hours picnicing, playing and relaxing. I really like how the LO turned out... very simplistic.

Credits: Autumn Moments-Solid Papers & Elements
Fonts: Adorable

Well, I guess I best get headn' into work now. Later... Have a great day!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Good Sunday evening! Wow! What a day... a over-all wonderful day! Here a few of the great things that made up my day:

-Did my ironing. (Always do it on Sunday morning... but sometimes not...) Did it today though!!!
-Helped my Mom with something. (I luv being her lil' helper!)
-Emma and I went on a bike ride and picnic, for 3 hours. (Had a blast together!)
-Finished up the laundry. (Again...)
-Scrapped! (3 hours at the park was a great inspiration!)
-And attended an on-line crop with FPD. (So informative and fun.)

Just a perfect day!

And here is a lo I finished up! I used a pic, that I took at the park today, of Emma and I together.(Yep! I took the pic! :) )

Credits can be found here.

Well, off to top of my day by snuggling with my Emma and gettn' her off to bed. Nite!!

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good Saturday morning people!!! (No migraine today... not at all! Not even a lil' inckling of it! Wooo! Whooot!) And my scrappn' mojo is back too!!! So, I'm sharing two LOs this morning.

This one is pics of Emma's Girl Scout Troops trip down to Chicago to experience the Shedd Aquarium. What was such a wonderful experience everyone! Credits

And this one is of our latest addition to the family... meet Ace! He is a black, lil' fluff ball, full of action! :) Credits

Well, I'm going back away from the puter and go give our basement a good-hard cleaning... it so needs it! Tah! Tah!

Friday, September 7, 2007

OMG! I'm gettn' braver!!! I received an e-mail this morning about the Digi Dares 1 year Anniversary and took a peak. They have been around for a year and I never joined in because, lets just say... I didn't feel I was good enough. So, today I decided to just GO FOR IT!!!

Here is my creation:

Background Paper(Funkatastic Craft), Journaling Strips and Beatuy Marks by Two Sisters Designs
Alphas and Wacky Do's by Lauren Reed
Font: Kids First Print

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Check out this pic! Isn't it just the sweetest thing you ever did see. This is our goofy kitty Carmel(the gold & white kitty) and our new addition... Ace(the black kitten). He is making himself right at home and gettn' aquinted with Carmel. Ace is about 6 weeks old and really enjoying his new home. Isn't he just adorable?!!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Me again... I just finished up a LO!!! Wooo! Whooo! This is a LO which includes a pic of my dh... I thought I was due a LO of my handsome Tony! :)

Miles Kit
Font: Heart Emboss

Next, I'm off to work on a LO for the Blog Challenge going on over at The Pixel Gypsy's Blog. Have you been over to check out this challenge yet?! Well, if not, you may want to soon... it involves lots of fun, inspiration and a $10 prize to her store! So come on, and join in on all the excitement!

Later! Lor :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Well, it was the first day of Third Grade for my Emma! She was so full of excitement, yet full of nervousness this morning... But, when I picked her up at the end of day, she was calm, cool and collected... LOL! She said her day went great! And she even met a new friend today! And of course I got pics this morning~
Good morning! So how was everyone's longgggg Labor Weekend? Mine was great! I did some cleaning around the house; got the down stairs living room windows washed. (So, now I can say I have washed all the windows in the house this year!) What a great feeling. I took Emma school shoppin' for some new digs. And Emma and I spent the Sunday night with Grandma. We did some scrapn' and watched Charlie & the Chocalate Factory(the first one). Oh, and we just playn' relaxed some.

The hubby has been gone for the weekend; he went North again. He and the boys worked on the new hunting cabin(palace), they are building up there. He comes home today, which is good. We miss him!!!

Well, I finally finished up this LO I've been struggling with, all weekend..... I wasn't using my usual bright colors, so I struggled with it! LOL! I was gettin' angry too. (It almost got deleted...) But, I just couldn't bring myself to doing that, sooooooo here it is.


Kit: Neoplitan Scoop by The Pixel Gypsy

Pink Ribbon: Notations Kit by The Pixel Gypsy

Green Ribbon: Twisted Sista Ribbons by The Pixel Gypsy

Border: Doodle Borders by Emily Merritt

Filter: Diffuse Glow

Font: Tahoma and Retro Rock Poster

Well, welcome to Tuesday... it's back to reality and back to work!!! Have a great one!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Holy Smokers!!! This will be my third post today!!! (Does that mean I've spent too much time at my puter today? LOL!) Not really, because Emma, Grandma and I, went and did some school shoppn' and went out for dinner. So, I haven't just sat at this puter allllllllll day... LOL! (Gotta justify my 3rd post, ya know!)
Anyhow, I'm poppn' on in to post a new LO. It's obviously, pics of my Emma doing a back bend. (And yep, watching her made me nervous...) But, I tried hard to recall myself at the age of 8; I did the same things as her. She is always doing cartwheels(in the house!), back bends, and attempting that "splits" thing. I used the new Shabby Fall Garden kit by Gina Marie Huff and Gina Miller; the kit I picked up and posted about this morning. I just had to bust into it right away!

Well, I'm off to fold a load of laundry! Gotta keep on top of that darn laundry! Tah! Tah!

Background Paper: Lucious Solids by Bren Boone
Elements: Shabby Fall Garden by Gina Miller & Gina Marie Huff
Flourishes: Flourishes by Jen Wilson
Frames: Frames-Basic by Amy Teets
Word: Dingy Words-Play by Jackie Eckles
Fonts: Rage Italic and Tom's New Roman

I'm back and all done shoppn', dln', and unzipn'! Oh my... I did some damage in about 5 different digi stores! :) I made my way on over to ScrapArtiest, SB Bytes, Gina Miller Designs, SB Graphics, and Holly McCaig Designs and found a ton of special priced items and sooooo many hot new items! I must confess... I spent $40!!! :0

This is one the goodies I picked up over at Gina Miller Designs; I coundn't resist~ Cool hey?! I picked up a ton more, but certainly can't begin to display them all. :)

Good Saturday morning to all! Here's to hoping you all have wonderful and lengthy holiday weekend!

The dh has going North for the weekend, so it's just Emma and I. Wooo! Whooo! A girls weekend!!! We have plans of going school shoppn' today; she needs some jeans. (I'm thinkn' I should take my camera with; what fun, shopn' pics would be to scrap!) Oh, it's going to fun... there are sidewalk sales going on over at the Mall!

Since my cleaning lady doesn't come this weekend, it was my job to sweep the floors and vacumn through. So, I got done yesterday afternoon, along with an down-right heavy cleaning of the bathrooms, and I laundered all of the throw rugs in the house. So, other then washing my downstairs living room windows and some laundry, I'm good to go for the weekend!

Well, are you Gold member over at DST? (I am...) And Corina Nielsen is the featured designer there September, one of my favorites. Anyhow, check out the kit she created for us!!! This kit is bright and full of color! Summery End is perfect for ALL of those summer pictures! Includes: 6 papers (4 patterened and 2 coordinating solids), 3 ties ribbons, 3 photo slides with attached flowers and buttons, 1 metal rimmed tag, sequin metal string, floral overlay, word art, and 3 "glass" flowers. Oh, I can't wait to play with that one!!! Thank you Corina!

So, it's Labor Weekend and alot of designers have sales going on! (Too cool!) And this girl has spent my limit already! (Oooppps!) Like $34 worth at 4 different stores!!! But, I found some great products and awesome prices too! So, I have a ton of new products to play with, over the weekend!!!

I am off to unzip those new products and play for awhile! Tah! Tah!


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