Saturday, September 1, 2007

Good Saturday morning to all! Here's to hoping you all have wonderful and lengthy holiday weekend!

The dh has going North for the weekend, so it's just Emma and I. Wooo! Whooo! A girls weekend!!! We have plans of going school shoppn' today; she needs some jeans. (I'm thinkn' I should take my camera with; what fun, shopn' pics would be to scrap!) Oh, it's going to fun... there are sidewalk sales going on over at the Mall!

Since my cleaning lady doesn't come this weekend, it was my job to sweep the floors and vacumn through. So, I got done yesterday afternoon, along with an down-right heavy cleaning of the bathrooms, and I laundered all of the throw rugs in the house. So, other then washing my downstairs living room windows and some laundry, I'm good to go for the weekend!

Well, are you Gold member over at DST? (I am...) And Corina Nielsen is the featured designer there September, one of my favorites. Anyhow, check out the kit she created for us!!! This kit is bright and full of color! Summery End is perfect for ALL of those summer pictures! Includes: 6 papers (4 patterened and 2 coordinating solids), 3 ties ribbons, 3 photo slides with attached flowers and buttons, 1 metal rimmed tag, sequin metal string, floral overlay, word art, and 3 "glass" flowers. Oh, I can't wait to play with that one!!! Thank you Corina!

So, it's Labor Weekend and alot of designers have sales going on! (Too cool!) And this girl has spent my limit already! (Oooppps!) Like $34 worth at 4 different stores!!! But, I found some great products and awesome prices too! So, I have a ton of new products to play with, over the weekend!!!

I am off to unzip those new products and play for awhile! Tah! Tah!

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