Friday, January 29, 2010

Good evening people and happy Friday! So whatcha up to on this fine evening? Any big plans for the weekend? What ever you have planned, I so hope you enjoy them!

Me... I did a good portion of my house cleaning tonight. I busted butt! Four loads of laundry, vacuumed through the house, swept the floors, and cleaned both bathrooms. I kind of figured I best get done what I can tonight, because tomorrow Emma and I are attending a Girl Scout outing. The troop is going to Boulder Gym to do some rock climbing, which should be a blast. And I'm thinkin' I outa try it too! A must take camera experience, for sure!

Otherwise, Sunday I'll probably do the norm... iron and scrap. Although, I am kind of hoping to get my basement cleaned. We'll see...
So, I wanted to tell you about some new designs by Late Night Scraps. Aren't they just too stinkin cute! You can pick them up at her Plucky Pear Designs shoppe and her Scrapbook Bytes shoppe.

Oh, and I must brag this up!!! I have joined another awesome CT!!! Wooo! Whooo! You will now see me sporting Amanda Carlson's blinkie and creating LOs with her amzing goodies! You can find Amanda's designs at Elemental Scraps and Sunshine Studio Scraps. I am so pumped about this, that I had to dig in right away! I'll be scrappin' with this beauty, "Winter Romace." What a wonderfully versitile kit, hey?!!

Well, I'm gonna call it a night! We'll catch you on Sunday! :)

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Woke to a rain and fog! Yuke!

But, hey... my migraine is gone! So, I'm a happy girl!!! Yesterday, I suffered from a migraine the entire day and nothing would get rid of it! No amount of pain meds could touch it... I even tried alcohol(which sometimes helps), but nope! I finally just curled up, in a ball, in front of tv! But, even with a headache, I did get my Mom off to the hospital for some test work and then we stopped at a couple stores. Even with a migraine, I enjoyed the time with Mom!
Luv you Mom!!!
So, what's on my agenda for the day? Hhhhmmm... not sure. I'll probably do some ironing, and then attempt to clean the basement(which I was planning to do yesterday).
Otherwise, in my digi world... Creations by Rachael has decided to retire some of her kits. A huge sale, on some amazing designs! They are marked at $2!!! I'm sure you'll want them all and then some!

This one, "Into The Woods," is one of her retiring kits! I had been longing to play with it for some time now, and when she said it was gonna me gone, I immediately asked if I could play!
So, I scooped it up and here is my first creation with this amazing kit! These pics were from our Girl Scout adventure to the "House on The Rock," here in Wisconsin. This is just two of the many pics I took, so they'll be more scraps of with this kit! This kit is perfect for any and all outdoorsy type pics; a perfect match for my pics!!!
Oh, before I go today, I wanted to mention this... Have you seen this kit yet? "One Love," is a huge charity kit. Forty-Eight designers from around the digi community joined together and created an incredible kit, for the common purpose of raising funds for Haitian aid and relief. The profits from the sale of this kit will be donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. The kit is huge and so totally amazing! I, of course purchased it! Click on the image below to get yours and help in the relief!
Well, I guess that's it for today! Tah! Tah! And have a great Sunday! :)
(*All image are totally clickable to the store and gallery for complete credit*)

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Good morning! It's early here, and I'm up early before preparing for my work-day. I wanted to come and tell you some exciting news!
First off, Scrapbook Bytes is turning 7 and the party begins this Friday, over at the site. So, be sure and pop-in and join in on the fun! I'll be there for sure, because both of the designers I CT for have set up shoppe there, which is also exciting news. So, not only is Kelly with Late Night Scraps selling there now, but so is Rachael of Creations by Rachael! What an exciting move for both of them and the perfect spot for them!
(*All images are totally clickable to the stores and galleries.*)
So, be sure and check out Creations by Rachael's shoppe while you are there, because celebrating her new shoppe and Scrapbook Bytes Birthday with a sale! 33% off!!! :)
Oh, and remember on Sunday I shared with you a sneak-peak of her latest kit. Well, here it is, in it's entirity! Isn't it just too stinkin' adorable; a must have! You'll find it in new shoppe at Scrapbook Bytes and over at her home store, Plucky Pear.

And here are two of my creations with this cute kit!

Also, Kelly with Late Night Scraps is celebrating her new shoppe there too! You can pick up her goodies at an amazing 39% off!

And at 39% off, her new kit "Sweet Sweet Love" is a complete steal! Prepare for those Valentines pic you'll be taking and pick it up during her sale for $3.66!!!

And take a lookie at my creations with this amazing kit! It was a breeze scrappin' these LOs and everything just fell on the pages so easily, because it's packed with beauty and love!
A must have kit for your digi stash!

Well, I best jump in the shower and wake this butt up! Then it'll be time to get my Emma in the shower, so we can both head off to work and school! I'll catch up with you later! :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Sunday morning to you!!!

Good morning and happy Sunday to you all! I had a great sleep last night and woke to beauty around me. Over night, fog moved in and blanketed the area with what is called fog ice. It was so pretty outside I had to snap a couple of pics from our back yard. Too gorgeous not to capture!

So what's on my mind this morning beside the beauty here in Wisconsin? This of course!!! 58 days and counting until we part for the beautiful Riu Jalisco, in Puerta Vallart, Mexico!!! Knowing this family time is coming, it puts a smile on my face and adds a spunky little skip to my walk. I obviously, so can't wait!
Each year, if we can afford it, we head off to this all inclusive resort for rest and relaxation and some quality family time with Tony's brothers and their wives. We always have a great time and have so many beautiful memories to cherish. This year we've been sending each other e-mails called "Mexico Tease," and share pics each of us have taken while in PV over the years. Here are a couple of the teases I received.

Okay, I must get mind off of vacation and move on(for now). Heee! Heee!

So, now that Late Night Scraps has set up shoppe at Scrapbook Bytes and closed her other two stores, you find now find here designs here at, Scrapbook Bytes and Plucky Pear Designs. And one of the many perks of being on Kelly's CT is having access to the Scrapbook Bytes collabs. As if we were'nt spoiled enough, with having the pleasure of scrappin' Kelly's Designs! Awwwhhhh... life is good! (Heee! Heee!) Check out this beauty; Sparkle Softly. For one more week, it can be yours for free by purchasing $10 of designs in the shop. And with all the sales going on in the shoppe(39% of Kelly's designs until Jans. 31st), you can get alot for very little!
Here are my creations with this beauty!

And look at Kelly's debut kit!!! Sweet Sweet Luv! It's packed with all things beautiful and loads of luv! This is what I'll be playing with today!!! Woooo! Whooo!

and she also has some new CU doodles! Fun! Fun! Fun!
Oh, and OMG! I have to share this sneak peak with you! From my other CT, Creations by Rachel, is coming "Hey Diddle Diddle." It's hitting the store shelves at Plucky Pear, tomorrow(Monday, January 18th), and trust me, you are gonna want this one!!! I've been playing with it all week and can't wait to share my LOs, upon it's posting.(I'll be posting my LOs tonight, if your are interested in checking it out a wee bit early.) :)
Well, I should going.... I have a few things on the agenda today, so I should get at them! Thus, allowing for time to play with "Sweet Sweet Love!" :)
Tah! Tah!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Late Nite Scrap's Debuts at Scrapbook-Bytes

Hey all you digi scrappers out there! Poppin' in to tell you about Late Nite Scrap's Grand Opening at Scrapbook-Bytes!!! That's right, Kelley has her beautiful designs in new shop!!! In celebration, everything is 39% off until January 31st!!! Woooo! Whooo! So come on over and check out her debut here!
Here is here latest work of art, as her debut kit. Isn't it just packed with beauty and love! I so can't wait to play with this one! With many family pics full of love and Valentine's just around the corner, this is a must have!
And lookie at these fun new doodles now in Kelley's new shop! I am lover of Kelley's doodles, so I'll be playing with these too!

Well, I off for another fun day in the office! Catch up with you over the weekend!

Tah! Tah!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Good morning to you!

Good morning and happy Sunday! So what's on your agenda for the day? Me... I have a few things planned... Gonna finish some dusting I didn't get to yesterday, do some ironing, and then Emma and I are off to visit Grandma this afternoon; Our favorite person and place to visit. A little bit of work and a little bit of fun. :)

I've been so sick lately, with a horrible cold. And actually still don't feel the best... It's settled in my chest. But I am feeling better, then I have in over a week. I finally made a visit to the doc on Friday after work and she prescribed antibiotics. So, it shouldn't be long and I'll be back to my normal chipper self. :) To keep my spirits up, I keep my thoughts on this place. The Riu Jalisco in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Tony found some awesome prices for our annual vacation there and plans to book it tomorrow. Wootie! Whooo!

Yesterday we attended my great-niece's 2nd Birday Party; Gracyn turned the big two years old. And she had such a blast! Watching her at two brought back alot of great memories of when my Emma was that age.(I miss it!) Kids are so much fun at this age. I have to share one of the pics I took last night... Isn't she just adorable in her princess outfit? And you've gotta luv that goreous red hair of her's!

Oh and look what I woke up to this morning! Ugghhh... The little Missy Mae Oooops was a naughty little gal again! She decided to keep herself busy by shredding her crate mat.(And yep, she's spending some quality time in crate, at the moment!) I guess I should clean that up pretty soon, hey?...

Speaking of Missy... I captured this pic of her taking nap. A sweet and adorable moment, when she is not being naughty... (All pooped, from all those naughty adventures of her's! LOL!)

And of course, I took a couple of pics of my boys!
My handsome peanut.
And my handsome Ace.
Otherwise, in the my digi world, this is what I've been up to. This here is an adorable kit by Shawnery Mathis from over at Gotta Pixel. Isn't it just too stinkin' cute?!!! I had to have it!

Here is my LO using this cute kit, which was for a font challenge going on over at Gotta Pixel.

Also, I picked up a number of the "January Color Play" items over at Elemental Scrap and had to play along over there too! This was for the 1/02 Surprise Challenge, where we were to scrap the choosen color palette. The color palette was what the designers used for the color play this month. It was so fun to play along with the new goodies I bought! :)
And this kit, "Winter Dreaming" is by Tracie Stroud of Scrap Orchard. I was one of the lucky winners over at her new blog. Tracie is starting the new year with a new look and new blog. You should go on over and check it out; her blog is beautiful and full of fun, goodies, and inspiration! If you would like to pick the kit up for yourself, you can find it here.
And here is my creation with this beauty.

Otherwise, my Creative Team spots have been pretty quiet over the holidays.(Which has given me the opportunity to scrap with alot of the goodies in my digi stash. Yeah!) The designers have taken a well deserved break, well... sort of... I know they have been working behind the seens, cuz that's what they do, and do so well! Kelly with Late Night Scraps is movin' her designs to a new shop. I'm not sure if I can tell you where, so I'll just leave it as tease for now! Heee! Heee! As for Rachael with Creations by Rachael, rumor has it there is a new duo in the works by Rachael and Kelly. (A little hint: Lights, Camera, Action!) Ohhhh... I can't wait!!! Anywho, you can keep up to speed with these gals over at Plucky Pear Designs, at their home blog and store.
Well, I must get out of here; I've got stuff to do! Later! And have a wonderful Sunday! :)
Oh, and remember all my LOs and kits are linked for full credit. :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Good morning! I hope your day and new year is off to a wonderful start! Mine hasn't been too bad... it could be worse... actually it has been worse... Thus, I don't have anything to complain about other then being miserable with a cold...
So, how was your New Years Eve? Mine was nice... I spent it with my Mom, sister Wanda, daughter Emma, and niece Karissa. We had a scrap sleep-over at my Mom's, which we hadn't had in months, so we were due for one. I even traditional scrapped instead of digi; it was fun scrappin' hands on again! I got 4 pages scrapped, but won't share them because I'm to lazy too scan them. (Heee! Heee!) But they did turn out cute. I have small pile of pics that need to be traditional scrapped, from prior to my addiction of digi scrappin'. So, I work on those when I feel the need for hands-on scrappin'.

Since then I've been sick with this cold... and stuck at home. I'm hoping to get out today though. It was my Mom's birthday yesterday and I wanna deliver her gifts and visit with her.
While stuck at home, I did manage to get the Christmas tree down for the year and the decorations. And I then did some cleaning. It seemed to help clear my sinuses by being up and movin'. I also did a little digi scrappin' in between. Here my latest scraps!
(*All images are linked to the store or gallery for credit.*)
These two LOs reflect a bit of the Winter fun we've been having here in Wisconsin!

This LO is for the Gotta Pixel January Simply Sketchy challenge. What a fun template! And it was fun to scrap some brights, which are my favs to scrap with!

And this morning, I picked up the latest issue of the Digital Artist Scrapbooking Magazine. I so can't wait to dig into that! It's packed with loads of information, digi info and loads of goodies(I'm talkin' loads!)! This isse has over 40 Christmas inspirational LOs and downlaods from Pickele Berry Pop(a huge collab!), Kitty Designs and Jofia Designs! Talk about amazing hey?!!! My downloads just finished and I'm gonna dig into them next! Can't wait!!!

Well, I guess I'm out of here for the day. Gotta get my ironing done, hop in the shower and head out to Mom's! Have a great Sunday!


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