Sunday, January 24, 2010

Woke to a rain and fog! Yuke!

But, hey... my migraine is gone! So, I'm a happy girl!!! Yesterday, I suffered from a migraine the entire day and nothing would get rid of it! No amount of pain meds could touch it... I even tried alcohol(which sometimes helps), but nope! I finally just curled up, in a ball, in front of tv! But, even with a headache, I did get my Mom off to the hospital for some test work and then we stopped at a couple stores. Even with a migraine, I enjoyed the time with Mom!
Luv you Mom!!!
So, what's on my agenda for the day? Hhhhmmm... not sure. I'll probably do some ironing, and then attempt to clean the basement(which I was planning to do yesterday).
Otherwise, in my digi world... Creations by Rachael has decided to retire some of her kits. A huge sale, on some amazing designs! They are marked at $2!!! I'm sure you'll want them all and then some!

This one, "Into The Woods," is one of her retiring kits! I had been longing to play with it for some time now, and when she said it was gonna me gone, I immediately asked if I could play!
So, I scooped it up and here is my first creation with this amazing kit! These pics were from our Girl Scout adventure to the "House on The Rock," here in Wisconsin. This is just two of the many pics I took, so they'll be more scraps of with this kit! This kit is perfect for any and all outdoorsy type pics; a perfect match for my pics!!!
Oh, before I go today, I wanted to mention this... Have you seen this kit yet? "One Love," is a huge charity kit. Forty-Eight designers from around the digi community joined together and created an incredible kit, for the common purpose of raising funds for Haitian aid and relief. The profits from the sale of this kit will be donated to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund. The kit is huge and so totally amazing! I, of course purchased it! Click on the image below to get yours and help in the relief!
Well, I guess that's it for today! Tah! Tah! And have a great Sunday! :)
(*All image are totally clickable to the store and gallery for complete credit*)

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