Monday, August 27, 2007

I just had to post this one! I had so much fun creating this LO; I guess I'm some what of a doodle freak! But, anyhow... I pulled in a DingBat and did some colorizing of it to match my cute pic of Carmel! It turned out just like I invisioned! It makes me such a happy scrapper! :)

Background Paper: Dually Noted by Pixel Gypsy Designs
Arrow: Element Basics-Journal Arrows by Pixel Gypsy Designs
Ding Bat Doodles: DB Flower Garden by
Title: All My Love Doodles Stickers by Scarlet Heels Media
Heart Frame: Freebie Frames by Lori Barnhurst of Little Dreamer Designs
Cardboard: Cardboard Pieces by Fernlili
Fonts: Trebuchet MS

Well, I am off to watch the news and read a SB magazine! Sleep tight!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I just had to pop in and tell you all about this fun challenge going on over at "The Pixel Gypsy's" blog! You seriously can't pass this challenge up, it's calling for GLITTER!!! Go check out her store, and trust me... you will want to give this challenge a try because her products rock! And heck you could be one of the lucky winners!!!

You can see some of her glitter in action, in my previous post. Gott luv those stars!

Good Sunday morning! It's about 5:15 a.m. here, and I started my day today at about 4:00 a.m. My darn kitty, Carmel, wanted me out of bed! Carmel is too funny... when he wants me up, he jumps up on my bed and starts strumn' on my chest. (He is such a goofy kitty!) I really don't mind gettn' up this early, because the house and is quiet and I can be here on my puter, without any interuptions. (It's a great way to start my day!)
Well, yesterday was a very productive day. I got our 4 seasons porched cleaned, which included washing 10 windows!!! Uhgggg! But, boy it looks beautiful and so inviting. And I so luv the feeling of accomplishment! Emma had her cousin Karissa over for the day, so they went to the park and then came back and swam in the pool. Then later on, Tony came home and we all went out for dinner at a local Bar & Grill. I even talked my Mom into coming with, which was good for her and me! After how many days of rain, it was good for her to get out of the house.
Oh, I squeezed this lil' number into my day yesterday, too! (Heck! Gotta get in some digi scrapn' time!) I used all Pixel Gypsy Design products on this one; all of her products work so well together. I am so happy and lucky, to be on her CT! Just look at this page!
Isn't she just a designer with detail?!!

Background Paper: Paper Basics-Grid and Dually Noted by Pixel Gypsy Designs

Stars: Torn Apart by Pixel Gypsy Designs

Ribbons: Twisted Sista Ribbons by Pixel Gypsy Designs

Tab: Tabbed-Boy by Pixel Gypsy Designs

Border: Glitteratis Scallopped by Pixel Gypsy

Fonts: 2Peas 4th of July & 2Peas Billboard

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hey, lookie! Christina Renee has a grab bag!! And I just couldn't resist scoopn' it up, because I so luv her products. I must admit though, I have a tough time scrapn' with them. I don't know why, I just do! It takes me forever to create a LO... But, I am very determined to get that grundge thing going on!!! Check it out on her blog! (It must be huge, because it's taking forever to dl!!! Or maybe there is an issue...) I can't wait to see what's all in that crate!
Well, dinner is complete, eaten,
and the kitchen is all cleaned up!... :)
Wow! What a day... We welcomed 12 new CT members and
3 guest CT members over at Pixel Gypsy Designs!
Welcome all you crazy digi scrapn' gals!!!
I am soooo lookn' forward to playing with the Gypsy's designs
together, having loads of fun,
and just getting to know one another~

In between all that fun on the board, work, and home,
I found time to create this LO too!
(I'm not sure how I squeezed it in, but I did!)


Background Paper: Basic Papers by Gypsy Pixel Designs

Felt Dots: Lil' Felt Dots by Gypsy Pixel Designs

Glitter Alphas: Glitterati Alphas-Silver by Gypsy Pixel Designs

Tab: Tabbed Girl by ypsy Pixel Designs

Aqua Ribbon: Twisted Sista Ribbons by Gypsy Pixel Designs
Purple Ribbon: Ribbon Wrappies by Laura 18K
Note Paper: Wrinkled Notes by Designs by Kari
Bling Bling: Essential Brads by Carla at Meus Scraps
Paint Stroke: Paint Strokes by Tabby Lewis
Staples: Rainbow Staples by Michelle Underwood

Font: Lucida Sans

We survived hump day and are headed down the stretch towards the weekend! It's been a long week at work for some reason... But now, just 1 1/2 days left!
I have some exciting news today! The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon) has asked me to be here Lead Creative Team Member! OMG! Is all I can say! I am so honored and very excited! I am feeling that good things are in store for her and her store, and I get to be a part of it! (I've got happy feet going on here!!!)

Hey, have you seen Bren Boone's last freebie posted on her blog? It's absolutely gorgeous! (I have a thing green!) Isn't it just beautiful and full of life?!!! And don't forget to leave her some luv!

Have a great day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Just poppn' in with a LO share and then I'm off to bed... :) Sleep tight!

Background Paper: Paper Basics - Grid
Flowers: Shabby Blossums by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
Tag: Tag my Heart-Blank by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
Glitter Border: Glitterati Borders-Green by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
Ribbon: Twisted Sista Ribbon by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
Alphas: Alpha by Designing on the Edge
Ripped Paper: Ripped Paper Tags by Fernlili
Flourish: Whimsicality Series No.9 by Jackie Eckles
Fonts: Juice ITC and Courier

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Good evening all you crazy people! How was your weekend? Mine was great!!! I got quiet a bit done around the house, and it feels good to have had a productive weekend for a change. I have a fresh hair cut, so I'm back to lookn' sassay, instead of shaggy! :) I had a wonderful time with my niece Jenna and daughter Emma, and even found time to go out for dinner with the dear hubby! See... told you, I had a great weekend!!!

Oh, and I even whipped me up a new header! I used a number of my favorite LOs in my header; kept it pretty clean otherwise. I like it! Change is a good thing!

Well, we are entering into the last week of the Amazing Digi Scrap Race... I'm so sad... :( It really has been a wonderful experience! (Guess I'll have to watch for some designer challenges, to fill the void...) If you want to check out our(mine and Sherrie Piegdon's) experiences and LOs through out the race, head on over to our race blog.

Well, I'm off to snuggle with my Emma on the couch! Tah! Tah! And have a great Sunday evening!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Hey girls, The Pixel Gypsy is holding her first ever Challenge on over at her blog!

I'll get right to it... the challenge is!

You must use at least one piece from one of her new felt packs, in your layout & one alpha (from the designer of your choice). You can use either one of her felties, or both if you like. :)

Post the link to your layout in her comments of on her blog. If you don't have a blogger or google account and don't want to leave your email addy in your comment, then make sure you check back when she posts the next challenge to see if you won. Then shoot her an email, so you can collect your prize. If you have a blogger or google account (or leave your email) she will contact you with your prize if you win.

Two winners will be chosen. She will pick the layout that is her personal favorite, and the winning scrapper will receive a $10 gift certficate to her store. From the rest of the layouts, she will randomly draw a name and that winning scrapper will receive a $5 gift certificate to her store. Winners will be announced when she posts the next challenge on her blog, which will be on Sunday, Aug. 26th.

Well, you know you wanna scoop up those felties of hers anyhow, so why not play along and win yourself a gift certificate!!!

LO share this morning... I just couldn't resist playing with some of the fun and spunky designs by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon). They were just perfect to use on these pool pics, but I can see how versitile they are going to be. Don't you just love the fun her products add to a LO?!!! This girl does!!!!

Background Paper: Paper Basics-Grid by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
Felties: Lil' Felty Dots by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
Aqua Ribbon: Twisted Sista by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
B&W Ribbon: Bucket of Fun Trims2 by Corina Nielsen
B&W Frame: Spring in Paris by Laura Deacetis
White Frame: Frames For Pic, designer unknown
Tear: Corner It by Vera Lim
Alpha: Fun & Funky Alphas2 by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
Font: Black Jack

Friday, August 17, 2007

Holy Crap! My girl, "The Pizel Gypsy" (a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon) is on fire!! Seriously!!! Check out all these trendy, hip and the latest thang', coming from this eccentric designer!!!! Sh*t, I gotta go... I have some scrapn to do!!!!!

Hey digi scrapeprs, check out what the awesome Bren Boone has going on over at her blog today!!! She is giving up designing for awhile... but she is offering up some of her finest! Check it out on her blog, but don't forget to send her some luv!!! (Okay, I'll show you...)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Good evening peoples! Are there peoples?
Hhhmmmm... I wonder....
Well, anyhow, I have a lo to share using The Pixel Gypsy's new felt flowers called "Felt Garden ." Aren't they just the most adorable felties out there? Full of detail!!! And she has them available in number of different colors too! I just used one of them in my lo. You should probably go pick these cuties up over at the shop!

Background Paper: Bucket of Fun by Corina Nielsen
Notebook Paper: Essentials by
Tear: Corner It 2 by Vera Lim
Alphas: Maryse Vincent of Digiscrapbook
Felt Flowers: My Garden by The Gypsy Pixel(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
Glitters Swirls by Susan Bartolini
Fonts: Arial and Black Jack

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Gggggzzzz.... I so need to redo my blog header! I just need change, ever-so-often, and it's time! I'm gonna have to work on that!!!

Anyhow, I wanted to share a few of The Pixel Gypsy's(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon) new products! She is so on fire with her designing lately, heck I can feel the heat and she is a whole state away!!! So, here are her latest...
And she has a Creative Team Call going on right now too! You can read more about it, over at her blog. But, I'm here to say (because I'm on her CT), that she is one awesome designer! She is always coming up with something new and unique, and it is designed to a "T"! And Sherrie, is a great person... a true person... a great friend! So don't be shy, head on over to her blog and join in on the fun! I'll be there too!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Sharing my ADSR Challenge #9 LO! The challenge was to scrap an embarrassing moment.
And well... this girl has all kinds of embarrassing moments(LOL!), so I took the most recent and scrapped it! This pic was taken this last weekend in Green Bay. My Mom, sister and I got away for the weekend to scrap. (Boy, did we have fun!) Anyhow, we ended up really needing to shop for scrapbook supplies, at closing time, in our jammies! It was a hoot! My Mom was still in street clothes, but my sister and I decided we didn't have time to change back into our street clothes. Heck! The store would of closed and we would have missed all those great sale prices!! LOL!
Yep! We are addicted scrappers!

Peekaboo Oops 3 by Tracy Ann
Paraphernalia Ribbon Fun by Tracy Ann
Tied up in Knotz by Designing on the Edge
Takin' Notes by Shannon Lee
Doodles Freebie by Taci Sims
Fonts: Bernard MT Condensed, Lucida Handwriting & Arial
Good Monday morning people!!! What a wonderful weekend I had with my Mom and sister Wanda, up in Green Bay!!! We scrapped, shopped and giggled all weekend! It was so much fun!
Here are a few pics to share, from our weekend scrappn' adventure... The pic of the 3 of us, was taken at pretty close to closing time in the SB dept. of JoAnn Fabrics. We had gone there earlier and found a ton of SB supplies at 40%. After arriving back at "head-quarters" (That's what we called our hotel room. LOL!), we were scrapn' and chattn' and decided we would like some more of those sale priced items. So we called back to the sotre to see if the sale was still going on, on Sunday. But, nope! The sale ended at closing time Saturday. So, we went in our jammies! (Except my Mom!) I must say, it was funny, but a bit embarrassing. :) (So, guess what pic I'm using for Challenge #10?!!!)

Anyhow, here are the pics from the weekend:
My Mom & sister Wanda:

All our stuff, from our Saturday morning shoppn' trip!

Shoppn' in our jammies... I had on my Old Navy froggy jammies and pink Crocs! LOL!!
So goofy we are...

Friday, August 10, 2007

Good morning!!! What a wonderful day it is going to be! The sun is shining and so am I!(No migraine & no stomach problems!) I am off today to Green Bay with my Mom and my Sister Wanda. Wooo! Whooo! We are going on a weekend adventure, to visit a SB store up there and to just scrap and relax! (I can't wait!)
No... I'm not completely packed yet, but what's the hurry... :)
I finished up another LO for my CT spot with The Pixel Gypsy.
Every time I create LO with her products, I have to take a moment to reflect how lucky I am... That she found me and asked me to be on her CT. Her designs are truly amazing and I've created so many beautiful LOs with them!
And unknowingly, I have formed a wonderful friendship with her. Sherrie is such a good person and true friend!I so wish, that she was my neighbor!
(Thank you so much Sherrie!)
So, here is my LO...

All products by The Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon), except the:
Traci Sims Paper Tears
Paper Pieces Stitched Stuff Neutral by Anne-Made
Newsprint Frames by Designing on the Edge
I Quote It - Beauty by Manda Bean Flourished Swirls by Jen Wilson

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Check this out; isn't it kinda cool?! I received Katie The SB Ladies' Newsletter and this was one of her Top 10 Web Links. You basically create your own Catalog Card and can post it on the web. Kinda a fun little thing to mess with hah?! Give it a try, if you are in the mood to play!

And have a great day!!! :)
Well, I survived another migraine! Although, for awhile yesterday, I wasn't sure if I would!
My head hurt so bad, I just wanted to cry!!! Instead, I took some ibuphren and laid down at about 10:30 a.m., and when I awoke at 2:30 p.m. in the afternoon, it was alot better. (I still can't believe I slept that long! But, those darn migraines take it all out of me!) Anyhow, this moring I'm feeling pretty darn good! No migraine and no tummy ache!
(I sure hope my whole day stays this way!!!) :)

I want to share my LO, or should I say our LO, that Sherrie and I created for the most recent ADSR challenge. (Remember I was to choose the paper, pics & title and then send on over to Sherrie to embellish?) Well, it's complete and is so cool! Just like I pictured it would be, when I first started the LO! Sherrie did a superb job on embellishing it!!! (I knew she would though, just because I luv her style!) Anyhow, check it out! Isn't it cool?! I printed it right away and added it to our Puerto Rico Vacation album! Thank you Sherrie for adding your beautiful touch!!!

Background paper: Paper Basics Blush Chablis by The Pixel Gypsy (a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
Cluster Frames 2 by Fernili
Title Font: JailbIrD JenNA
Sun Charm & Leather Flower Trim by Michelle Coleman
Everything else by Christina Renee

Monday, August 6, 2007

Wooo! Whooo! The Pixel Gypsy has her new collection up in the store!!!! Fun and girly, the Neopolitan Scoop paper pack and element pack are part of the Confection Collection. It is a must have for every digi scrapper! This collection is as sweet as our little girls!!! (The LO I posted on Sunday, was created using this collection.)
Okay, I just have to share some pics from our Girl Scout Trip to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL. (Keep in mind these are unedited and I haven't added my magic touch to them yet. LOL!) The pics are of the girls boarding the train in Harvard, IL, the beautiful flower gardens outside of the acquarium, shots from inside, a group pic, and my Emma on our arrival back in Lake Mills. What a day it was... we will remember it forever! I can't wait to scrap these! :)

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Good evening people! Wow! What a weekend!!! Yesterday we spent our day down in Chicago at the Shedd Aquarium with Emma's Girl Scout Troop. It was such an adventure for the kids AND the adults! It truly is an amazing place and a must see for everyone!!! (Not just the aquarium either... Chicago it's self is so amazing! It's a city filled with tall buildings, lots of people and plent of hussel and bussel. We sooooo enjoyed the day! (I will share pics soon.)

Well, I wanted to share a LO of a couple of pics I captured yesterday while we were there. The landscaping at the aquarium was just breath-taking! And I caught my Emma stopping to smell the flowers... such a beautiful moment. (She just loves flowers and plants.) I used a new kit that The Pixel Gypsy just put up in her store, called Neopolitan Scoop. The kit is just as breathing-taking as the flowers yesterday!!! Sherrie will be introducing her new kit tomorrow or you can check it out in her store now! :) Anyhow, lookie what I created with it.

Credits: Neopolitan Scoop, Totally Dated, and Fun & Funky Alpha 2 by The Pixel Gypsy (a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon)
The Border Basics by Marcie Reckinger
Vintage Frames from PSE5

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Well... did you make it on over to Jen Wilson's sale? If you didn't, you missed out on one heck of a sale!!! I ended up with 14 element packs in my cart, each at $1 each!!! And each one was so cool!!! I can not wait to play with them!!!

Speak of playing, check out this LO (I was playing on my lunch hour yesterday!) I so luv this LO, because the pics are so much fun and the Pixel Gypsy's new products accentuated the pics to an unbelievable level!!! And you should see what it looks like printed! I just luv Sherrie's products so much, so whimsical, unique and fun!!!

All products by the Pixel Gypsy(a/k/a Sherrie Piegdon), except frame which is a PSE frame. Expressions Pastel Paper Pack
Torn Apart Elements
Glitterati Scalloped Borders
Twisted Sista Ribbons
Tabbed Girl Fonts: Young Star & Black Jack

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Good morning everyone!!! I just wanted to pass on this huge sale going on over at Jen Wilson's store! One that I am not going to miss!! One because I'm an "Element" freak and can't get enough of them! Two because her stuff RAWKS! And three, heck... you can't beat the price at $1.00 each!!! See you over there!!!

This is what her ad reads:
It's Onederful for anyone that loves Accessories! With over 230 Element Sets for only $1.00 each at Jen Wilson Designs you're bound to find something you'll love! ONE DAY ONLY!!!!
Remember the JWD is on Eastern Standard Time so make sure to give yourself time before it automatically turns off at Midnight!!!

Jen Wilson
Jen Wilson Designs


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