Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Monday off day to all!!!

Wow! So much to tell you! Where should I begin?... How about another new exclusive designer(Ami Collofello) at Pixel Gypsy Designs!! You really have to check her work out, it's awesome! Full of graphic and retro designs! Oh, and now through June 1st, all of her designs are 50% off, so get over there now!! You are not gonna wanna miss this great sale on her unique designs! Here a just a couple of her collection, thus you'll have to head over to the shop to check out the rest.

And look at this beauty by Sherrie Piegdon herself!!! It's called Urban Edge andI'm officially calling this one my all-time favorite by Sherrie!!! I luv everything about it, the graphics, the retro and the color combos! And check those elements, sooooooo totally unique! This was a custom kit Sherrie created for Amanda; she was the lucky winner of this kit during the Everyday Joy Celebration. I have a LO in the works using this one and can't wait to get back to it, put some finishing touches on it and post it to the gallery. Oh, and here are a few of my latest LOs!!!
The first is of my Emma at her recent dance recital.
And then Emma and Ace at the school pet show, this last week.
And a beautiful pic of my Emma. This was taken last weekend when Emma, Jenna and I went on a bike ride. I saw this perfect spot for pics of the girls and couldn't resist black mailing theminto letting me snap a couple.
And this is a LO using a pic of my sister Marcie and I. It's one of my favorite pics, because it takes me back to days before my sister passed away. I miss her so much!!!
So, that about sums it up for now. I am off to finish up that LO using the Urban Edge Collection! Then I'll probably do some ironing. Other then that, that's my plans so far, for today. Tah! Tah! And I hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day!
Wait, one more thing... I wanted to point you in the direction of an awesome blog called Storeide. She is one heck of a designer and continually adding her designs up for grabs on her blog. Seriously, you must check it !
Okay, that's it! Bye! :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Have you heard?!!! Pixel Gypsy Designs is pleased to announce that designs by Amanda Carlson can be found exclusively in our store! To celebrate her arrival at PGD, all of Amanda's designs are 50% off until Sunday, May 25th! So get on over there way soon!

Come snap up the awesome goodies she has loaded into the store while they're on sale! Here are previews of just a few of the products Amanda added today! (images are linked!)

Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Monday People!!!

Yep! I missed bloggn' yesterday. I was just a wayyyy busy girl! I had my niece Jenna for the weekend, and her and Emma kept me busy most of the weekend. And then, yesterday(Sunday), I had a Scentsy Party, the hottest new thing in candles. On Saturday the girls and I attended a bike safety rodeo and then went on a bike ride & had a picnic at the park. It was alot of fun and of course I took a ton of pics. Actually, this layout below includes one of those many pics. :) And my party on Sunday went very well and I can't wait to receive my warmers and melts!
This LO is of an island get away that Tony and I went on while in Puerto Rico last January(2007). Ohhhhh, it was so beautiful and relaxing! I actually, took a nap while on that island for the day.(I know, me nap... not typically, but I just couldn't resist.) Laying there in the sun, on that beach, just couldn't get any more soothing... A nap seemed appropriate. :)
And this is a LO of one of my boys; my handsome Carmel. I have three male cats and he is the oldest of the three. Carmel will be 3 years old this Fall and he is the cool cat in charge. He tries hard to keep the other two boys(Ace and Peanut) in line. LOL!
Oh, and this is a fun LO. This is a LO of my Emma and her pal Sidney. I just couldn't resist snappn' pics of them having a blast with Silly String. These two girls, I believe will be best buds forever, they are a perfect match.
And this one is a LO of my Emma girl! I used this Shooga Shooga by Sausans Designs and entered my LO in the DST challenge.
Full credits for my LOs can always be found at PDG and/or DST.
Otherwise, the one other thing I wanted to mention, was that the challenge going on over at PGD is extended another week, to May 22nd. Here is the challenge info:

The Challenge
: Christine says "I love to make lists. That's why my blog is called Listgirl. For this challenge... make a list of at least 10 things on your layout.. It can be any type of list with any subject matter, but make sure you have at least 10 things on there. Also, use at least two different alphas."

The Prize: A $5 PGD gift certificate.
So, start making that list and plop it on a LO, then head over to Pixel Gypsy Designs and post it in the comments on the blog or over at our forum. And then you are in the running for the wonderful gift certificate and you've completed another LO! Wooo! Whooo!
Well, that's it for today. I'll be back soon! :)

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day to all!!!

Good Sunday morning and Happy Mother's Day! I so hope your day is filled with fun and love! And for my Mother's Day, we are traditionally gathering at my Mom's this afternoon. I'm lookn' forward to it, because it's been since Easter that we all got together. I miss the family! And later this afternoon, we are surprising Emma with the "Walking With Dinosaurs" show.
She is gonna freak! Otherwise, that's my Sunday/Mother's Day plans...

And hey, I wanted to tell you about the new challenge up over at Pixel Gypsy Designs.
It's full of fun and will definately get that mojo a hoppn'! :)

The Challenge: Christine says "I love to make lists. That's why my blog is called Listgirl. For this challenge... make a list of at least 10 things on your layout. It can be any type of list with any subject matter, but make sure you have at least 10 things on there.
Also, use at least two different alphas."
The Prize: A $5 PGD gift certificate.
Here is the LO I created for this challenge. :)

Link us up to your list layouts by the 15th either in this thread in the PGD forums,
or in the comments to Sherrie's post over on her blog!

I would also like to share my most recent LOs... All credits can be found either at

Well, I guess that's it for day... Tah! Tah!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

New Products at Pixel Gypsy Designs

I'm back already!!! But, I just had too show you all the yummy stuff over at Pixel Gypsy Designs!!! Can you say, awesome designing or what!!!! Yes, Sherrie has been a way busy girl and I'm thinkn' she is due a nice long break from designing. Besides us CT girls need to catch up anyhow... :) These were all on sale yesterday for NSD, but even at their regular price, they are a complete steal! I am so totally itching to play with these!!! My favorite is This Girl line and the Corrugated papers.

Good Sunday morning to all! My favorite day of the week is here once again! Wooo! Whooo! And I've started it before the birds once; 4:00 a.m.! But, I so wanted to get a jump on the day, I have some ironing I wanna do, scrapn', and I wanna see what I can do to help out my Mom too(maybe some more lawn work). I am enjoying a hot cup of coffe and the digi world first, this morning! :)

Yesterday, ended up being a very busy, but productive day for me. After I did some NSD shoppn' in the digi world, Sidney(Emma's lil' friend) and I, took Emma to dance lessons. Emma's last lesson before the big recital, this up coming weekend. We eventually took Sidney home, since we kind of hogged this weekend(she is such a great kid and so darn cute!) I went through Emma's Bratz Dolls & accessories, and got them ready for delivery over at the consignment shoppe. Thus, we then delivered our stuff there, made two other stops, and then headed back home. After that I did 2 loads of laundry, vacuumed throught the entire house(which is way too darn big!), swept the floors, and did some misc cleaning. I then finally, got back to my computer late yesterday afternoon, like about 5:30ish. Boy what a day...

Oh, and I wanted to tell you about the additional great deals I found yesterday. Over at ScrapArtist I picked up this by thier CT Goddess & Designer for the fantastic price of $3.33, and
and this.... And I only spent $4.33 total! Quiet a steal, since Teacups & Tiaras is huge and full of yummies, and these awesome Shabby Sunday Papers by Cori Gammon were only$1.00!!!

After that, I headed on over to Scrapbook Graphics and just had to have these! I found these two sets of awesome Paper Borders by Birgit Kerr, which also come with templates(How cool is that!). The first set was $2.99 and the other $1.50! I can so, not wait to play with these.

I also grabbed these nifty Slices of Frames by Wendy Zine, which are also going to be cool to play with!

So, my total spent so far on all these goodies is $26.17. Wow! Such great deals! I also found some great freebies, and you can too by checking the DigiFree Blog , Ikea Goddness, or DST's NSD Freebie Thread. There are so many generous designers out there, that are bound to find plenty of goodies for your stash!!! (Oh, and don't forget to leave them some luv!)

Well, that's it for now... I'm off to check out a few other spots, that I missed yesterday. Some sites were running way too slow for this girl. I sure hope the traffic has slowed down on these sites, so I can shop! Tah! Tah! For now!

Friday, May 2, 2008

National Scrapbook Day Frenzy!!!

And the frenzy begins in the Digi Scrap World!!! Seriously, it's a frenzy!!! The designers are bustn' butt to get new stuff into their stores and spreadn' the word about their sales! And us scrappers and creative team members are running around in circles, not knowing where to shop first. LOL! Just keepn' track of all the sales, and coupons, is a job in it's self....
Me, I've completed my shoppn' at a couple of shoppes, and I'm going to keep track of my damage(to the check book), right here on my blog... :)
First, I'm going to direct you to an awesome freebie!! You can find it over at Memory Makers Magazine. It's such a fun and funky kit, and it's by the fantastic Emily Powers of Storytellers.
So, if you like what you see, check out her shoppe! I know, I'm in luv with her style!!!
Okay then I headed on over to Shabby Miss Jenn's Shoppe, because she's got a ton of beautiful kits up for grabs, and for only a $1.00 each!!! Now that's an awesome deal, isn't it?!!! Her designing is top-notch and always inviting. And this beauty, "Sunshine Blossoms" is also one of the $1.00 beauties, created especially for NSD, for us! Isn't it pretty?!!!
I picked up this one...
and this one... for only a $1 a piece!!! Unbelievable hah?!!!
Okay, then I headed on over to Live Out Loud Scraps to pick up Faith True's Grab Bag! I won't be rude to the designer and show you what's in it, but I will say it was packed full and everything was Faith all the way! I luv it all!!! Definately a heck of a deal for $2.00!!!
While I was there I picked up these two fun numbers!!! Can't wait to play with these!!!
And just for buying a few of the things I wanted anyhow(and for spending $10), I found this in my shoppn' cart at check out! It's truly addorable!!!

So, that's my finds so far... And I've only spent $12.48!!! Wow!!! There are just sooooo many great finds out there... So, off I go to bomb around the digi world some more; if I find more, I'll be back to add to my story. :) Bye for now!!!


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