Monday, May 19, 2008

Happy Monday People!!!

Yep! I missed bloggn' yesterday. I was just a wayyyy busy girl! I had my niece Jenna for the weekend, and her and Emma kept me busy most of the weekend. And then, yesterday(Sunday), I had a Scentsy Party, the hottest new thing in candles. On Saturday the girls and I attended a bike safety rodeo and then went on a bike ride & had a picnic at the park. It was alot of fun and of course I took a ton of pics. Actually, this layout below includes one of those many pics. :) And my party on Sunday went very well and I can't wait to receive my warmers and melts!
This LO is of an island get away that Tony and I went on while in Puerto Rico last January(2007). Ohhhhh, it was so beautiful and relaxing! I actually, took a nap while on that island for the day.(I know, me nap... not typically, but I just couldn't resist.) Laying there in the sun, on that beach, just couldn't get any more soothing... A nap seemed appropriate. :)
And this is a LO of one of my boys; my handsome Carmel. I have three male cats and he is the oldest of the three. Carmel will be 3 years old this Fall and he is the cool cat in charge. He tries hard to keep the other two boys(Ace and Peanut) in line. LOL!
Oh, and this is a fun LO. This is a LO of my Emma and her pal Sidney. I just couldn't resist snappn' pics of them having a blast with Silly String. These two girls, I believe will be best buds forever, they are a perfect match.
And this one is a LO of my Emma girl! I used this Shooga Shooga by Sausans Designs and entered my LO in the DST challenge.
Full credits for my LOs can always be found at PDG and/or DST.
Otherwise, the one other thing I wanted to mention, was that the challenge going on over at PGD is extended another week, to May 22nd. Here is the challenge info:

The Challenge
: Christine says "I love to make lists. That's why my blog is called Listgirl. For this challenge... make a list of at least 10 things on your layout.. It can be any type of list with any subject matter, but make sure you have at least 10 things on there. Also, use at least two different alphas."

The Prize: A $5 PGD gift certificate.
So, start making that list and plop it on a LO, then head over to Pixel Gypsy Designs and post it in the comments on the blog or over at our forum. And then you are in the running for the wonderful gift certificate and you've completed another LO! Wooo! Whooo!
Well, that's it for today. I'll be back soon! :)

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