Saturday, June 30, 2007

LO share again... Finished another one up! :)

I took the pics in this LO, while a passenger in a car. My Emma was in the back seat and the windows were rolled all the way down... she was getting the "Wind Blown Treatment." As a child, I always loved rolling the windows down and letting the wind blow wildly throw my hair... it was such a feeling of freedom. I so get a kick out of watching my Emma do the same...


All products are designed by Sherrie Piegdon at Pixel Gypsy.
BG Paper: Dually Noted Papers
Flowers: Glitter Flower-Jumbo
Arrows: Element Basics-Journal Arrows
Pink Scalloped Trim: Notations
Forest Green Ribbon: Twisted Sista(luv this title)
Lace Cross: Notations
Date: Totally Dated

Friday, June 29, 2007

Good morning people... I must share with you all, Sherrie Piegdon's new set of "Roll With it" Templates. I got to play with one before it hit the shop, and OMG! The roll, tears, and shadows are unbelievably realistic; and perfectly placed!!! You seriously have to give them a try! You can pick them up at

Here is the LO I created with it! See... told you it was cool!!! :) Well, and then there is my daughter's sweet cheeks!!! She is my whole world, which tops off the LO!!

Template: Roll with It 3 Template by Sherrie Piegdon
All Papers: Tathered Summer Papers by Sherrie Piegdon
Flowers: Jumbo Flowers by Sherrie Piegdon
Borders: Glitterati Scalloped Borders by Sherrie Piedgon
Bent Film Strip: In Transit Kit by Sherrie Piegdon
Tag: Notions by Sherrie Piegdon
Frame: Black 10 px from PSE
Painted Overlay on Pic: Green Painted Overlay (unknown designer)
Font: Title - SP Holly Guaccamole
Font: Journaling - Pea Martha

I have the day off of work!!! And my plans for today... Well, I did my laundry last night, cleaned the liter box and swept the basement floor. So, that much I have accomplished... But, my cleaning lady never showed yesterday , so maybe I'll be doing alot more cleaning then planned... :( (I sure hope everything is okay with her!) Otherwise, I have some carpet shampooing to do this morning and then and Emma and I are off to help my Mom with some lawn work and the washing down of the outside of her house.

Now tomorrow, we are having Emma's Girl Scout Troop over for a pool party and camping adventure. Jeanie and I set the tents up last night, so we are good to go! And Sunday, well... I hope to do some more carpet shampooing and then relax with some paper scrapn'... And of course, in between all this, I plan to do some digi scrapn'! :)

Off to post my LO to DST. Later people! :)

Thursday, June 28, 2007

I just had to share these two freebies with you. This one is beautiful in the preview, but wait until you unzip it!

And this are just too darn cute!!!

Well, I'm iff to catch some zzzzzzs! Nite! :)

Okay, I am one of the biggest fans of the Die Hard movies and I so have to see the new one this weekend!!! It is full of an unbelievable amount of action and explosions!!! Check out some great clips on it, here at! You are gonna wanna see it!!! (I put this pic up on my work puter' as my desktop. LOL!)

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Lookie what I just found!!!!!!!! New stuff for Sherrie Piegdon!!! Aren't they just gorgeous?! A lil' shabby and nostalgic; Oh, I luv it!!! They are called the "In Transit Big Back" and theyyyyy are big!!! So, what the heck are you waiting for, go on over to Sherrie's shop at and pick them at!
And check out the LO she did! Those beautiful eyes of hers... and that adorable family, oh... and her honest words in her journaling. It all fits so well with these impressive kits! She has inspired me to do a family LO too! (Thanx Sherrie, you RAWK!)

Hey! Hey! Hey! It's another LO share! And of course it involves pics of my "sweet cheeks" lil' girl Emma! I had to take these pics quick, before heading out for our day... (Too darn cute, not to!)

Credits: All products are by Sherrie Piegdon, except for the camouflage paper.
Pink Backgroud Paper: Chablis Paper Pack by Sherrie Piegdon
Green Camouflage Paper: Camouflage Paper Pack by Kris Myers
White Ruled Paper: Dually Rulled Paper Pack by Sherrie Piegdon
Lace Ribbon: Yesteryear Kit by Sherrie Piegdon
Sage Ribbon: Notations Kit by Sherrie Piegdon
Pink Ribbon: Twisted Sista Ribbons by Sherrie Piegdon
Lace Photo Corner: Vintage Comfort Kit by Sherrie Piegdon
Brads: Element Basics-Fabric Covered Brads by Sherrie Piegdon
Staples: Rainbow Staples by Michelle Underwood

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Had to share my most recent LO using Sherrie Piedgon's fun design products from over at! Her products are so much fun to play with and so my style. I used her Roll with it 2 Template on this layout and talk about a slick group of templates; I recommend them!

Credits: (All design products are designed by Sherrie Piegdon at Pixel Gypsy.)
Roll with it 2 Template
Green Paper: Paper Basics - Botanical Paper Pack
Pink and Peach Circles: Blush Chablis Paper pack
Arrow: Element Basics - Journal Arrows
Ribbon: Fit to be Tied Ribbon Set
Glitter Scalloped Borders
Shabby Blossoms
Tag my Heart Tags
Date on Arrow: Totaly Dated Kit

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Check out these awesome products that Sherrie Piegdon just put up in her shop!!! Don't they just scream, "Scrap me!" You can't beat the great designing AND the pretty price! So head on over to Oh and while you are there, check out the new area she added to her shop. It's called the Annex and everything is 1 BUCK!!!! Go Sherrie!!!!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Freebie share! I just had to share the link to this designer's blog... she has some beautiful paper sets up for grabs. Go check them out and if you dl, remember to leave her some luv! :)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wow! What a weekend! So many fun things planned and lots of pics taken. So, this is what our weekend consisted of... Pool party with Emma's friends, Dalaney & Savanah; Emma found Prince Charming (the tree frog); Attended a party with some good friends and family(but I forgot my camera, so I have no pics!); Siblings and I helped Mom put in some new landscaping and bird feeder; Emma and Father's Day fun with Dad; and topped it off with a cat nap in the pool! So many fun pics to scrap!!! Wooo! Whooo! I hope your weekend was a good as mine! Now we will top it off, on the couch, with a good tv program and a big bowl of ice cream! (Ice cream is my all time favorite treat and I have a bowl pretty much every night.) Toodles...

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Good Saturday morning people!!! I was up and at it at 5:00 a.m. this morning, just simply couldn't sleep any longer! So, I got up and started my day! I am thinkn' my Emma will be up soon, because she feel asleep pretty early last night. I had to give her a Benedryl gel tab because she is covered with swimmer's itch; poor little sweetie! Well, helped the itchn' and all, but boy did it make her sleepy.... Although, she is so in need of the extra sleep, because she has been a very busy girl with her friend Delaney, Summer School and swimming in the pool.
Today we are having Delaney and her sister over to swim. I think I'll give my sister a call too and see if she wants to break out that new suit of hers! It is suppose to be a hot and humid day again! (Perfect swimming weather; the pool temp is 88 degrees!) Oh, here is a pic of our pool, in case your wondering what our pool looks like.

Oh, and I wanted to share this lo I created using the Gypsy Pixels' (Sherrie Piegdon) designs . After I finished the lo, I just wasn't thrilled with it (don't you luv it when that happens!). It's a lo using a pic of me and I so get stuck when I scrap myself. (Why is that?... wierd.) Anyhow, I forwarded the lo to Sherrie to check out and she gave me some great tips! (Thank you Sherrie, you rawk girl!!!) So, I'm providing you with the before and after, reflecting the changes. Wow! I was amazed at the improvement!!!

Purple backgroud paper: Bohisa Paper Pack by Sherrie Piegdon
Flowers: Shabby Blooms by Sherrie Piegdon
Frame used over background paper: Artisian Frames 3 by Sherrie Piegdon
Remaining elements: Notions by Sherrie Piegdon
Fonts: Jailbird Jena and Pead Stacy's Doodle (designers unknown)

Well, off to scrap another page... later :)

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Benign!!!!! Just received a call from Dr. Pangallo with the good news!!! She said, they took a big enough mass to check the plasma cells that were formed around the tumor, which typical are cancer causing cells. Although, she said it all looked good and recommends another Mamagram in one year!!! (Shit, I best not go thru this again next year!!! )

Oh... what a relief! I can move forward and celebrate life!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Okay... I finished up a LO I started the other night. So.... now I can move on to other things. (I'm one of those gals that has to finish what I started, before movin' on...) :)

Background Paper: Christina Renee's Grungy Grids
Words: Shauna Clingerman's Graffiti Grunge Words
Penciled Frame: Jackie Eckles' Web Challenge Freebie
Stitched Embellishment: Anne-Made's Stitched Stuff Neutrals
Stars: I Made This Today's Rock Star
Photo Turn: Katie Hadfield's Doodle Paper Hardware
Photo Frames: PSE 5
Font: It Ain't Rocket Science (Designer unknown)

OMG! I had a BIG surprise of an e-mail from a designer by the name of Sherrie Pigdeon. Sherrie has her own store called
and her blog is at Go check out her store, she has a care-free and fun style to her designs.

Anyhow, her e-mail stated she saw my LOs in the gallery over at DST and wanted to know if I would be a Guest CT for her, for the remainder of June and then July. Let's just say, I freaked! I couldn't believe what I was reading! I'm not saying my LOs suck, but I still have soooo much more to learn when it comes to digi scrapn'... I have never been a CT before and honestly didn't know if I could handle it... But, being the go-getter that I am, I said yes! Heck! Her design work is soooo my style and she is a very friendly and down-to-earch kind of gal. It's gotta be, meant to be! (I am so lookn' forward to this Sherrie!) So, now it's time to play!
Good morning! And it is!!! It is suppose to be sunny and 80+ degrees today! Too bad I have to work all day, hah?

Just wanted to bounce in and share a freebie link; they are so cute, I just had to! See!....

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Linkn' you up! :) Thought I would share a couple of freebie links, that I came across today! I so liked them and thought you may too...

Oh, and just one more for you, go to: for...

Happy Scrappn'!!!!
Hello! Well, I'm back at work today and not feeling too bad. A bit sore and starting to drag, but hey... I'm here! :)

I did a lil' digi scrapn' over my lunch hour. See what I created. It's pics of my daughter Emma and cousin Jenna, running and playing care-free on a Saturday afternoon... Couldn't ask for more perfect pics of the girls together!

Credits: Heart: Bad Candy Wordart

Monday, June 11, 2007

Good morning! Okay, I'm feeling a bit under the weather today; I think I over did it yesterday by washing a couple of windows! (My doctor would not be happy with me!!!) But, it drives me nutzo to sit still! I have to feel like I've accomplished something in my day... (I got this lovely trait from my Mother; she is the same way.) I typically don't mind this drive of mine, but when I'm suppose to be taking it easy, it is too hard to sit still. It does come in handy most of the time, but not after having surgery.... But, I'm feeling awfully sore today, so I will sit here at my puter, maybe go buy some groceries, and later today I have a hair appoitment. No washing windows!
I would probably feel better too, if I could actually sleep through the night. But, the throbbing wakes me... such is life! They did prescribe pain pills, but I really hate taking them. I toke one Friday night and ended up sleeping sitting up, because it was throbbing so bad.... It was a long night...
Well, I'll probably back later today. Heck, what else can I do?...

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Look at this goofy girl!!! This is my Emma at the dinner table tonight with a big glass of chocolate milk. And yep, she was enjoying it! These will be some great pics to scrap! God I luv this kid!!!

This how we spent our afternoon yesterday... pool fun! And I'm thinkn' today will involve some of the same. The sun is shinning and it's suppose to be 80 degrees. Although, I do want to wash some windows first and scrap for a while... So, off I go...

Saturday, June 9, 2007

I joined in on the fun with Weeds & Wildflowers today and thought I would share my lo with you all. :) I so love this new kit of Gina's and will be playing with it some more yet today!!! :)

Friday, June 8, 2007

Good morning! I just had to go over purchase the "Being Me" kit this morning! Every time I saw it, I thought to myself, "You know you want it, so go buy it!" (LOL!) So, now I feel better... it's mine! :)

I do have a few other designs from Weeds and Flowers, but I wanted to use this one for their freebie challenge, the girls got going on over on their blog. Maybe you wanna give it a try, hah? Read all about it here:

Well, I am off to the hospital for surgery this morning and hoping I'm feeling up to some digi play later (if I make it home, that is...). I usually don't respond to well, to the meds they use to put you under. :(

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lookie! Lookie! What "Weeds and Flowers" has over in their store!!! OMG! I so luv this set and gotta have it!!!! The designer is lovely Gina Marie Huff; isn't it beautiful?!!!

Find it here for $6.00 total:

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Just finished up a lo using Heather's new kit. I guess I'll post a link to her blog and see if I'm choosen... I seriously don't think I'm all that great at the digi stuff yet, but oh heck... what the hey!

See my lo... Do you think it's good enough?

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Me again! I just wanted to point you in the direction of Heather Roselli's blog (http:/
She is offering up a CT guest spot for the month of July. All you have to do is upload her free kit (Horse Play), create a lo using the kit, and post a link to your lo in the comments on her blog. Simple and fun!

Good Saturday morning to you!!! Started this morning with some coffee, my puter and some time to create! What more could a girl ask for?! But, it wasn't long and the quite ended and I had two lil' girls at my side, trying to boot me off my puter! Ggggggzzzzz.... My daughter does have her own puter, right next to me. Although, cousin Jenna is here and they both wanted to visit their Webkinz world at the same time. My answer was, "Back off!" :) Anyhow, our plans for the day aren't much. Emma has her dance recital today, so I told the girls to play their hearts out this morning. And off they went to play pet shop...

So here is what I created....

Back Ground Paper: Ann's Peeka Boo Cardboard Kit
Swirl: Tracy Ann's Grunge 2 Kit
Hinged Tage: Tracy Ann's Hinged Tags Kit
Ribbon: Tracy Ann's Paraphernalia Kit
Word Art Chips: Jen Wilson' Wordy Chips Kit
Photo Frame: Jessica Sprague's Campanion Digital Kit

Friday, June 1, 2007

Here is my Emma prior to our photo shoot for her dance recital. Talk about Sassy hah? I'm not sure where she gets that from!!! :) She has practice tonight and then on Saturday, it's the real thing! She is so excited! She so luvs to dance... Maybe some day she will be on stage hah?!


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