Tuesday, April 28, 2009

National Scrapbook Day!!!!

Are you ready for our famous doorbuster sale??? It only comes around twice a year, so don't miss it! Early shoppers get up to 75% off their entire purchase! See full details below! Also check the PGD Event calendar for details on our NSD Speed Scrap and our first Saturday Night Live chat! Hope to see you there!!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Happy Sunday people!!!

So how is everyone on this fine Sunday? Good I hope! I'm doing good, well... at least I am now. I was a wee-bit hung-over this morning. And I can blame it all on this group of ladies below!!! These are a good-share of my girl friends from high school. We get together once every since to catch up on each others lives and to just giggle and have a great time, just like we did in high school. We typically go out for dinner and drinks. And well... last night I did more drinking then eating and I ended up very sick last night and this morning. It wasn't until about 11:30 a.m. this morning, that I finally started feeling normal and was able to keep something in my stomach. But, I will say, it was worth it! I had so much fun last night.
On another note, have you been over to visit Pixel Gypsy Designs lately? There are new designers and a butt load of new products! Shawn Headley joined the design team, and her designs rawk my digi world! They are top-notch! In addition to her new designs, more goodies were added by the other terrific designers too. Below is what was added to to the store this last week. So what are you waiting for, get on over to the new designs are of the store!!!

Oh, and here are a few of my latest LOs. The first is a family pic taken while we were in PV, Mexico the first week of April.

This one, was a inspired by the Designer Challenge posted over on the PGD team blog. If you would like to join in, click here. If you’re new to our challenges, check out all the details on how to play along HERE.

And these are some of my additional creations lately.

Well, I guess that about sums it up for today. I'm to scrap for awhile now. Tah! Tah!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Rainy Sunday

Well, here it is already... Sunday! And it's going to be a dreary and rainy day in my neck-of-the-woods, but we do need it. And it will green things up around here. Probably a good thing it's gonna rain, because I have a butt-load of ironing and puter work to complete today, thus it won't bother me to be inside! :)
So, what's on your agenda this fine day?
This last week was a busy one... I'm still playing catch-up at work and home, after being gone for a week on vacation. (That's definately the only bad part of going on vacation.) But, I think I have my desk under control at work... I think anyhow. And things are falling into place at home too. Yesterday Emma and I ventured up the local Girl Scout head quarters to pick up the badges our girls worked so hard for this year. Fly up is coming up and we like to have them to present to the girls then. And then, we did a little shopping at Walmart. We finally made it back home so I could finish up the laundry and clean my car. And in between Emma and I played ball outside, because it was too nice not to! We topped our day off with dinner at our El Mariachi's, in good company, with Bob and Jane(BIL & SIL). It's was very yummy and everyone was stuffed!
In the digi world... Pixel Gypsy Designs has a new designer, Alicia Murphy. Here is one new products added to the store; isn't it just too stinkin' cute?!!!

And my creation using this little ditty:

And look at this sweet new kit my Abish Allen! Talk about the perfect kit for those Spring and Easter pics we all take~

And here is a LO I completed using it. The pics our of my Emma on Easter; a perfect kit to use with these pics.

Oh, and here is a LO I finished up on Friday. I wanted to scrap the beauty of Mexico in on LO, and whala, there is be! I'm so proud of it! :)

Well, I guess that's it for today, so I'm out of here! I'll be back in one week, or maybe sooner, or maybe later. Have a wonerful week! :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Uggghhh.... It's Monday

Well, after a fast-paced Easter Holiday weekend, I am so looking forward to a quite and back-t0-the-norm week! Work, home, puter time, and just Tony and Emma and I. Those family gatherings can ware a person out! I luv family gatherings, don't get me wrong. They just drain me of energy and patience. Ya know?....

Anyhow, I wanted share a couple of my most recent LOs. This LO was created using a pic I took of a picture hanging on our wall in our hotel room in Mexico. I then placed and blended a pic of Emma walking on the beach into the pic of the picture. Lastly, I placed it in a mask. Unfortunately I wasn't on the ball enough to obtain the artist of the actual picture. Dah Lor!!!

And this is a LO using one of my favorite group pics from our trip to Mexico. It was the perfect pic to us with Abish Allen's new "Springster Kit."

And here is "Sprinster." Isn't it just adorable? I have a butt load of Easter pics from yesterday that I can not wait to scrap with little cutie! You'll be seeing those LOs soon, I'm sure. :)

Let's see what else do I know?...Hummm? Oh, Pixel Gypsy Designs is in the works of adding three new designers; Shawn Headley, Tammi Miller, and Alicia Murphy. I am so excited to see there creations and to play with them. Tammi has a mini kit and alpha in the store and the others will be adding to the store soon. Here is Tami's "Spice of Life;" wonderfully rich with color and texture. I haven't had a chance to play with this one yet, but trust me... I will!!!

Well, I guess that's it for today. I'll be back in a week or so.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are back from out trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We were were gone for a week and I took about 550 pics! Crazy hey? Here are a couple of those pics. What a wonderful vacation it was too; lots of sun and fun, food and drinks. But, I must say, it's good to be home!

While I was gone to Mexico, Pixel Gypsy Designs began their annual Autism fund raiser. Pixel Gypsy Designs has partnered with the National Autism Association to raise money for the Helping Hand program during Autism Awareness month. The Helping Hand program is a donation driven, financial aid program that provides grant money to families in need who have dependents with Autism to help pay for therapy, biomedical treatments and supplements.

When you donate to the Helping Hand program in the month of April, using this link: Donate to Helping Hand you will receive special gifts from Pixel Gypsy Designs created exclusively for this fundraising effort! Below are the product previews and a description of this
Donation Thank You Gift incentive.
Here are the previews of the donation gifts, aren't they awesome!!!

Donate over $10 and receive the Uniquely You Mega Collab Kit PLUS a PGD Gift Certificate equal to the amount that you donated over $10 (example: donate $50 to helping hand and receive the mega collab plus a $40 gift certificate)!

Also, us gals with PGD we'd love it if during the month of April, you wore this blinkie around in signatures at all your favorite forums, on your blogs and anywhere else you can think of to spread the word about our Uniquely You fundraising campaign! (It would be even better if you linked it to this page so people can make their donation and get their kit easily!)
PGD and it's staff thank you for all your support!

Well, I have to scoot for now. I've got laundry up-the-butt to do! Tah! Tah! Until Sunday! :)


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