Thursday, April 9, 2009

We are back from out trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. We were were gone for a week and I took about 550 pics! Crazy hey? Here are a couple of those pics. What a wonderful vacation it was too; lots of sun and fun, food and drinks. But, I must say, it's good to be home!

While I was gone to Mexico, Pixel Gypsy Designs began their annual Autism fund raiser. Pixel Gypsy Designs has partnered with the National Autism Association to raise money for the Helping Hand program during Autism Awareness month. The Helping Hand program is a donation driven, financial aid program that provides grant money to families in need who have dependents with Autism to help pay for therapy, biomedical treatments and supplements.

When you donate to the Helping Hand program in the month of April, using this link: Donate to Helping Hand you will receive special gifts from Pixel Gypsy Designs created exclusively for this fundraising effort! Below are the product previews and a description of this
Donation Thank You Gift incentive.
Here are the previews of the donation gifts, aren't they awesome!!!

Donate over $10 and receive the Uniquely You Mega Collab Kit PLUS a PGD Gift Certificate equal to the amount that you donated over $10 (example: donate $50 to helping hand and receive the mega collab plus a $40 gift certificate)!

Also, us gals with PGD we'd love it if during the month of April, you wore this blinkie around in signatures at all your favorite forums, on your blogs and anywhere else you can think of to spread the word about our Uniquely You fundraising campaign! (It would be even better if you linked it to this page so people can make their donation and get their kit easily!)
PGD and it's staff thank you for all your support!

Well, I have to scoot for now. I've got laundry up-the-butt to do! Tah! Tah! Until Sunday! :)

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