Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy belated Valentines Day everyone!!! How was your Valentines; I hope it was wonderful and filled with lots of love!!! Mine was a busy one and kind-of went like this...
Emma had a basketball game first thing, which she was very nervous about, because some her best friends were on the team her team was playing. She didn't even want to go, because she hated to play against her friends. That's my Emma... always concerned about hurting the feelings of someone else. My Emma is such a sweetie. We obviously explained to her that it was just a game. I so hope she understands that.
Then Emma and I ran a bunch toys and clothes over to the consignment shop. And it was quiet the load too, so much that we needed to use the dh's truck!!! Yep, Emma and I finally went through her toys. The darn girl still has way too many toys though!!!
After that we headed over to the mall to do some shoppin'. We went to Aeropostle, Crocs, and Kohls, and found some great deals! Emma found herself a green Aeropostle sweet suit, which was on clearance... green is her favorite color right now so she was as happy as a lark. And of couse a couple of pair of Crocs with charms were purchased. I found myself a new pair of jeans, a top, braclet and necklace at Kohls. All-and-all it was a great shopin' trip.
We then went to a local floral shop and picked up some flowers for Grandma's and stopped by her place to wish her a Happy Vallentines! We did some chattin' and then headed home.
And our final destination for the day, was a family dinner at our favorite Mexican resturant. A great meal and a couple drinks was the perfect way to end our day.
Anyhow, now it's Sunday and I have few things to show you. Look at what hit the shoppe over at Pixel Gypse Designs on Fantabulous Friday. And of course I pounced into that kitty kit right away; isn't it just adorable?!!! I will certainly be doing some scrappin' today too!!!

And here are a few of my latest LOs:

(Full credits for my LOs can be found in my PGD gallery.)

Well, I guess that's it for today! Have yourself a wonderful Sunday and week! I think I'll go scrap for awhile. :)


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