Saturday, June 2, 2007

Good Saturday morning to you!!! Started this morning with some coffee, my puter and some time to create! What more could a girl ask for?! But, it wasn't long and the quite ended and I had two lil' girls at my side, trying to boot me off my puter! Ggggggzzzzz.... My daughter does have her own puter, right next to me. Although, cousin Jenna is here and they both wanted to visit their Webkinz world at the same time. My answer was, "Back off!" :) Anyhow, our plans for the day aren't much. Emma has her dance recital today, so I told the girls to play their hearts out this morning. And off they went to play pet shop...

So here is what I created....

Back Ground Paper: Ann's Peeka Boo Cardboard Kit
Swirl: Tracy Ann's Grunge 2 Kit
Hinged Tage: Tracy Ann's Hinged Tags Kit
Ribbon: Tracy Ann's Paraphernalia Kit
Word Art Chips: Jen Wilson' Wordy Chips Kit
Photo Frame: Jessica Sprague's Campanion Digital Kit

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