Friday, May 2, 2008

National Scrapbook Day Frenzy!!!

And the frenzy begins in the Digi Scrap World!!! Seriously, it's a frenzy!!! The designers are bustn' butt to get new stuff into their stores and spreadn' the word about their sales! And us scrappers and creative team members are running around in circles, not knowing where to shop first. LOL! Just keepn' track of all the sales, and coupons, is a job in it's self....
Me, I've completed my shoppn' at a couple of shoppes, and I'm going to keep track of my damage(to the check book), right here on my blog... :)
First, I'm going to direct you to an awesome freebie!! You can find it over at Memory Makers Magazine. It's such a fun and funky kit, and it's by the fantastic Emily Powers of Storytellers.
So, if you like what you see, check out her shoppe! I know, I'm in luv with her style!!!
Okay then I headed on over to Shabby Miss Jenn's Shoppe, because she's got a ton of beautiful kits up for grabs, and for only a $1.00 each!!! Now that's an awesome deal, isn't it?!!! Her designing is top-notch and always inviting. And this beauty, "Sunshine Blossoms" is also one of the $1.00 beauties, created especially for NSD, for us! Isn't it pretty?!!!
I picked up this one...
and this one... for only a $1 a piece!!! Unbelievable hah?!!!
Okay, then I headed on over to Live Out Loud Scraps to pick up Faith True's Grab Bag! I won't be rude to the designer and show you what's in it, but I will say it was packed full and everything was Faith all the way! I luv it all!!! Definately a heck of a deal for $2.00!!!
While I was there I picked up these two fun numbers!!! Can't wait to play with these!!!
And just for buying a few of the things I wanted anyhow(and for spending $10), I found this in my shoppn' cart at check out! It's truly addorable!!!

So, that's my finds so far... And I've only spent $12.48!!! Wow!!! There are just sooooo many great finds out there... So, off I go to bomb around the digi world some more; if I find more, I'll be back to add to my story. :) Bye for now!!!

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