Monday, August 13, 2007

Good Monday morning people!!! What a wonderful weekend I had with my Mom and sister Wanda, up in Green Bay!!! We scrapped, shopped and giggled all weekend! It was so much fun!
Here are a few pics to share, from our weekend scrappn' adventure... The pic of the 3 of us, was taken at pretty close to closing time in the SB dept. of JoAnn Fabrics. We had gone there earlier and found a ton of SB supplies at 40%. After arriving back at "head-quarters" (That's what we called our hotel room. LOL!), we were scrapn' and chattn' and decided we would like some more of those sale priced items. So we called back to the sotre to see if the sale was still going on, on Sunday. But, nope! The sale ended at closing time Saturday. So, we went in our jammies! (Except my Mom!) I must say, it was funny, but a bit embarrassing. :) (So, guess what pic I'm using for Challenge #10?!!!)

Anyhow, here are the pics from the weekend:
My Mom & sister Wanda:

All our stuff, from our Saturday morning shoppn' trip!

Shoppn' in our jammies... I had on my Old Navy froggy jammies and pink Crocs! LOL!!
So goofy we are...

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Sherrie said...

Do I see a bottle of WINE tucked among those scrapping supplies???!!!? If the answer to that question is yes, then I just need to say that you guys are my kind of scrappin' gals! ;)


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