Sunday, September 9, 2007

Good Sunday evening! Wow! What a day... a over-all wonderful day! Here a few of the great things that made up my day:

-Did my ironing. (Always do it on Sunday morning... but sometimes not...) Did it today though!!!
-Helped my Mom with something. (I luv being her lil' helper!)
-Emma and I went on a bike ride and picnic, for 3 hours. (Had a blast together!)
-Finished up the laundry. (Again...)
-Scrapped! (3 hours at the park was a great inspiration!)
-And attended an on-line crop with FPD. (So informative and fun.)

Just a perfect day!

And here is a lo I finished up! I used a pic, that I took at the park today, of Emma and I together.(Yep! I took the pic! :) )

Credits can be found here.

Well, off to top of my day by snuggling with my Emma and gettn' her off to bed. Nite!!

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