Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Get the Everyday Joy Collection for FREE!

Good morning! Laurie here after a week of no fun!!! I had surgery on my nose last week, to fix a number of sinus problems. In plain english, not doctor verbage, the doc broke my nose(which had been broken when I was child) and straightened it back out, removed some cartilage and a bone, and a few other things that I won't go into. Yesterday, the splints and packing were removed, which relieved me of alot of pain and pressure(although the process was not pleasant!). And now, I'm dealing with swelling and ick! So, this last week has not been a pleasant one for me, although I am on the road to recovery. This sure has been a reminder for me, to appriecate life without pain. Ya know, some people suffer with pain every day of their life. I'm not sure how they deal with that... Anyhow, here is a pic of me, the morning after my sugery, I awoke to all 3 of our kitties snuggling with me in conern. (I had to sleep upright in our recliner for the entire week... NOT FUN! And boy, does my hubby need a new recliner; it is totally unconfortable!)Now on to something very important and digi scrap related! April is Autism Awareness month and Sherrie Piegdon of Pixel Gypsy Designs has a new collection called "Everyday Joy," available for the month of April. Autism is a subject that is very personal to her because her son was diagnosed as severely autistic 3 years ago. This month, Sherrie she is working with the National Autism Association to raise funds for their Helping Hand grant program. Helping Hand provides grant money to autism families in need, to help them pay for important therapies, supplements and biomedical treatments.

During the month of April, when you donate to the Helping Hand program through the National Autism Association, using the special link provided by Pixel Gypsy Designs, Sherrie will send you pieces of her newest Everyday Joy collection, for free!! This is her way of saying thank you for donating to a charity that does so much good.

In the Everday Joy collection you will find 3 paper packs (1 solid, 2 patterned), an element pack, an alpha pack, a monogram pack, a bracket frame pack, a scalloped mat template pack, a badge album and a layout template pack that includes 10 layout templates.

For previews and complete details on how to donate to Helping Hand and to receive the thank you gifts she is sending out, please visit this link: http://www.pixelgypsydesigns.com/naa/Default.aspx

Sherrie is not collecting donations on behalf of the NAA or Helping Hand. She is working in tandum with the NAA to provide digital scrappers with gifts when they donate in the month of April. All donations are processed through the National Autism Association website and all monies go directly to them. In order to receive your gifts, you must use the donate links located on the page above. After your donation is made, Sherrie will contact you within 5 business days on how you can download your gifts.

Sherrie and her Creative Team thank you in advance for supporting the Helping Hand program. It is a very special and important program that offers a ray of hope for families struggling to find the means to pay for treatments for their autistic children.

Sherrie welcomes and encourages anyone to post this information on their blog or website. If you have any questions, you can contact her here.

Oh, here are some of my most recent LOs. The first three are using products from the "Everyday Joy" Collection. So, you can see how detailed and rich this kit really is. On the first two LOs I used papers & elements from the kit, and on the third LO I used one of the page templates. What an awesome and huge kit; I'm so in luv with it! My fourth and fifth LOs are using Sherrie's products also. The newest product being the "Painted Alphas," and
"Acrylic Alphas," aren't they awesome?!!!
Full credits for all my LOs can be found here.
Well, this is turning into a book, so I'm on with other things. Later! Lor

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