Saturday, July 14, 2007

Good morning Saturday morning! I awoke this morning(at 5 am) to the sound of thunder and the patter of light rain coming down; it was so nice to lay in bed and just listen. It was so peaceful! A great way to start the day, instead of having to get up and work out, shower and head off to work.

The dh went North for the weekend with one of his hunting buddies. They are building a new hunting cabin (mansion). I hope he enjoys his time away. Emma and I, have a trip to Build A Bear Workshop planned for this afternoon. She is so excited, because we were finally able to snitch her friend Justin to go with. (Not a boyfriend... just a friend she says.) Heck! She is only 8 and boys should only be friends!!! (But, we do have to tease her about it! ) LOL! Grandma is coming with and maybe my sis, so of course it will involve a trip to Hobby Lobby also!!! :)

To top off our weekend, Emma and I will be going out to Grandma's tomorrow to scrap traditional style! We are all in need of a day to scrap and talk crap! :)

Well, I wanted to share my latest digital creation. It includes pics of Emma enjoying the ocean in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico this last March. I seriously have to get those pics scrapped and in the vacation album. I hoping to use alot of them in the upcoming "Amazing Race". Wooo! Whooo! The race starts on Monday!!! I'm so excited!

Oh, a few things about me, since I did say I'd start being a little more open about myself. Well, let's see... I'm a full-time Paralegal at a great Law Firm in Madison. I work for an attorney that practices mainly Elder Law and Estate Planning. I do the Guardianships and Medical Assistances applications for the elderly. I truly do love my job; it's a great firm to work for. (Even though I bust my butt and get stressed often... but what job doesn't do that?)

Okay, a couple of little tid-bits about me... I eat a "Jethro" size bowl of ice crean almost every night! I live for ice cream! I don't drink milk, yuck! I like things neat and organized, at all times, or I just can't relax... I luv doing for others, especially for my Mom!(Heck, who doesn't like a little help once and awhile.) I hate liers and thieves! (They just piss me off!) And lastly today... I enjoy working out and get up at 4 am three times a week to do it.

Well, I'm off to upload my new LO to DST and then I guess I'll work on my ironing for awhile.

Background Paper, Note Paper, Cardboard, and Ric Rac: Tattered Serenity Kit by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Sage Ruffle and Buckle: Notions Element Pack by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Flowers: Big Bloom by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Stitched Circles: Bohista Kit by Sherrie Piegdon with Pixel Gypsy Designs
Tag: Papertag Freebie by Sue Cummings
Starfish: Ocean Blues Frills by Amy Cheeseman
Frames: PSE Vintage Frame
Alphas: Summer Picnic Alpha by Tracy Collins(Retrodiva)
Fonts: Surf - Corps-Script
Emma & Journaling - Dirty Duo

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