Saturday, October 27, 2007

Good morning!!! It is finally Saturday, the week from he (double l) is over!!! And my Emma is on the road to recovery, so it seems. She hasn't had a temp for almost 24 hours now. (And that second culter, surprisingly, came back negative for strep.) But, I will check her temp again today, just to be sure it is not one of those up and down things... Although, she sure seemed like her normal self last night, which is a good thing! Full of spunk & ready to eat!

Well, last night I was just bombing around the digi world and came across a Brasilian designer's blog, Patricia Amaral. And then went on to check out the store she sells at. And OMG! She is one heck of a designer!!! I loved everything I saw; my wish list is a mile long!!!! Here are two things I am just going to have pick up today... besides everything is 20% off! (I can't pass up a sale!) Especially on such gorgeous designs!!! Everything she designs is so vibrant & full of life... totally right up my alley. (Gosh! I just want to go crazy and shop away... I must control myself though...) Okay, I'm off to shop and then to create a LO... After that, I should get some cleaning done around the house, and then I think Emma & I will go do some bummn'.

Oh, and if you spend $10 or more in their shop, you get this humungo kit!!!

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