Sunday, October 28, 2007

I received this from a friend the other day and just had to share it. Both her and I are cat lovers, so she knew I would find it totally amusing. And I did, cuz I go through this every morning with my cat Carmel. Carmel even gets to the point where he will start strumming on our windows blinds, to get me out of bed!!! (Cats are just too funny!) What would our lives be without their quirkiness?!!!

Speaking of cats and kittens, I wanted to share a few pics of our kitties, and also a pic of a sweet lil' kitten, that is in need of a home. This the adorable lil' "Peanut" and he is need of a new home. I would say he is about 7-8 weeks old. He is litter trained. We already have two kitties and the hubby says he can't stay. :(

And the following two pics are of our big ole' Carmel(on top) and lil' Ace(below). They are playing together on the cat tree... Aren't they just the cutest!!!

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