Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Good Tuesday morning!!! Back to reality today for everyone... School, work or what ever it is that you usually do. :)
Just wanted to post this freebie link before I head off to work. You can find it over at the Weeds & Wildflowers Blog (http://weedsandwildflowersdesign.typepad.com/home/2007/05/celebrating_col_1.html#comment-70960440) and it is a very fun kit! Enjoy and don't foget to leave some luv!!!

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Vicki said...

Laurie, I was reading one of your posts over at Digishoptalk and noticed you are from Wisconsin. Came here to see if it mentioned where in Wisconsin and see that you are from Lake Mills. I was raised in Lake Mills and went to school there from K through Graduation (of course that was in 1975). What a small world! I now live in Columbus, but have two sisters and a brother that are still in Lake Mills. Feel free to email me some time at vforeyt@charter.net.


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