Sunday, July 1, 2007

Wow! What a weekend!!! This is how it went.... Friday(I had the day off of work) I shampooed my living room carpets, then Emma and I went and helped my Mom with some outside yard work. Emma and I then invited cousin Karissa over for a camp-out. So we did the campfire thing, roasted marshmallows and made sommores and then snuggled up in the tent for the night. Too funny... because the girls both had their spots on set-up. One at one end of the tent, the other at the other end, and I was to sleep in the middle. But, once we got down telling scarey stories, we were all snuggled up in the middle of the tent!!! :)
Saturday morning I shampooed the carpet in our front room, and then in the afternoon we had Emma's Girl Scout Troop over for an over-night thing. We swam in the pool, went on a nature walk, made God's Eyes, made puggie pies and roasted hot dogs, roasted marshmallows and made sommores, and then hunckered down in the tents for the night. (I think I heard the last giggle at about 11:30 p.m....) This morning we had some breakfast (camping type stuff) and then cleaned up camp. The girls headed home around 10:00 a.m. I haven't downloaded the pics yet, sooooo... nothing show yet...

To top off our weekend... the dh (Tony) went golfing, Emma and I played a couple of games and then took a nap. (I was so tired...) After I woke up, I felt so refreshed that I had to digi scrap for a bit. This is what I created... I so love the way Shrrie Piegdon's Color Soft Glow Action softened my pic, yet made it pop! I highly recommend her actions!!! (And not just cuz I like her and I'm on her guest CT.) :)


Action on phote - Color Soft Glow Action by Sherrie Piegdon at Pixel Gypsy
Back Ground Paper - Peekaboo Glitter 2 by Tracy Ann
Frame: Aged Polaroid Alpha Frames by Manda Bean
Stiching - CT Challenge Goodie Bage by Christina Renee
Label Alphas - Worn Label Tape Alphas by Christina Renne
Green Ribbon - Ribbon Edgers by Corina Nielsen
Orange Stitched Ribbon - Stiched Ribbon Bundle by Amy Martin
Flower - Digi Scrap Wrap Set by Christina Renee
Orange Circle - Box of Scraps for the Girls and Earthy by Anne-Made
Quote: And I Quote... Happiness by Manda Bean

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