Sunday, June 15, 2008

Good Sunday morning!!!

Good morning! I hope your weekend is going well! Mine has been very busy, so I haven't had much scrapn' time. But, hoping to squeeze some in today. Hey, did you notice I finally figured out how to put paper in the background of my blog?! I'm pretty excited about that... I'm learning the Html language, slowly but shirley. :)
Yesterday was full of alot of running around... I won't go into to much detail, because that's boring. I had an eye exam around noon, and got those eyes checked. My vision hasn't changed, surprisingly! I gotta figured they would have, since it's been 3 years since my last exam, but I guess I good. I did order new glasses though, because my current ones are just getting beat-up lookn'. And it's nice to have a pair that is more in with the times.
The big excitement for the day, was our trip to the local Human Society. Emma was(and still is) giddy about adopting Cosmo and Martini... two very cute dwarf hamsters. Here are a few pics of the huge event.
Signing the adoption papers...
It's official!!!! Cosmo and Martini are Emma new critters!
This here is a pic of Tocarra, an adorable lil' kitten that wanted to come home with us. But, kind of figured we have enough kitties in our house. And I don't think Tony would have been too happy if we added another kitty to the family.
And here, we are back at home with Cosmo and Martini in their new home. It was so much fun watching Emma with new critters, and watching the kitties' reactions to them(they are very curious).
And Emma with Cosmo!
And finally, here are my latest digi scraps!

Full credits can be found here, in my gallery over at Pixel Gypsy Designs.

Oh, and here are a couple great freebies to share with you all. This one can be found over at Gabs blog. She is having a party in celebration of 15,000 visitors to her blog. Now that is alot of visitors... crazy hah. Heck! It will the year of 2050 before my blog hits that mark. I wonder if I will still be blogging then? (Heee! Heee!) Anyhow, don't forget to read about her celbration and say thank you for such a beauty of a freebie!

And this one is so darn cute, isn't it? I have so many pics that fit this kit, and can't wait to play with it! You can find it here. Please be sure an leave her some love; because it certainly deserving. Don't ya think?

Well, I guess it's for today. Off to celebrate Father's Day with the family. :)

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