Sunday, May 3, 2009

Happy Sunday people!

Well hello there! Checkin' after a crazy weekend... It's been a busy one... After being sick with an intestial bug on Friday, my weekend did improve. I was finally feeling somewhat better on Saturday and started my day with some laundry and cleaning. Yeah! And of course did some digi shoppin'! I found some really awesome grab bags over at The Digi Chick and also picked up a few neato items at Elemental Scraps, The Lily Pad, and The Daily Digi. My totally damage for the day was $27.35. And I was completely satisfied with supporting the designers, there work is wonderful!!!
To celebrate NSD, Emma and I got together with my sister Wanda and my Mom. We went and did a little shoppin', enjoyed dinner out, and then went back to my Mom's to scrap. We of course, had a sleep-over at Mom's, and enjoyed some story telling and giggling also. I just love our little scrappin' retreats!
I took my laptop to my Mom's instead of my paper scrappin' supplies and did get a couple of LOs done! Woootie! Whoo! Here are a few of my latest:
These are two I completed while scrappin' at my Mom's:

Well, I've gotta cut this short, cuz I don't have much else I wanna say. Tah! Tah!

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