Sunday, June 7, 2009

Rainy and Quite Sunday

Well how is your weekend going? Mine been a very busy one, but fun!

We have my neice Jenna for the weekend, which always add to our adventures. :) Such as... Friday night Jenna and Emma were skate boarding down the side walk by our house. They decided to sit on one of the skateboards together, yeah sit!!! Anyhow, they ended up running over Jenna's hand, which tore off one of her finger nails, almost completely! Eeewwwwh...(Poor girl, hey?!) I about freaked! Anyhow we ended up at Urgent Care with her. The doctor decided not to put her(and me!) through the trama of pulling it off completely and said it would fall off all on it's own. She is doing fine now, but it was a long night Friday night...

And yesterday, I treated Emma and here two cousins(Jenna and Karissa) to some bowling fun.

We had a great time!

Today, I'm just doing some chores around the house... fnished up the laundry by 6 am! Wooo! Whooo! And will finish up my vacuuming and then iron.

Oh, and before I go, here are a few of my latest LOs.

Full credits can be found here, in my gallery over at PGD.
Have a great Sunday, and thanx for visiting my world! :)

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