Monday, October 12, 2009

It's official Fall around here!

Good morning! I hope all is well with you~

Me, well... The flu has moved in at our house; the hubby and I are stuck at home, both of us sick with the flu.(I'm blaming this on him, since he had it first!) So, here I am at my puter... then I think I'll need a nap. Doing anything is draining and tiring... Nothing wants to stay in me, I'm achey, and chilled... even my blankie doesn't keep me warm... :(

Prior to getting sick yesterday, I had a very busy weekend(which could partly be why I got sick!). On Saturday our family attended a ribbon cutting ceremony for a recreational vehicles(for snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles) bridge in Jefferson County. My parents(in their younger years) were big snowmobilers and still do belong to a snowmobile club. My Dad put many hours of work(actually years) into having this bridge put it. Sadly, though my Dad passed away from cancer before it was complete. Now that it's complete the bridge has been dedicated to a wonderful and hard-working man, my Dad. We are all so proud!
Here I share a few of the pics I took at the ceremony.

This is one is looking over the Crawfish River off the bridge, and then the bridge.

This is my Mom proudly cutting the ribbon in my Dad's honor.

And this is a pic of my family, well some of them anyhow. My Mom, brothers & sisters and some of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren. See my Mom huddled in the Cabota? It was darn cold out here on Saturday and we even received our first snow of the season. Which everyone said Charlie(my Dad) ordered for the occasion. (I truly believe he did!)

And on Sunday we went to a bridal shower for my neice/god-child, Megan. Meg's big day is November 13th; thus the count-down begins!

This is the beautiful bride to be opening gifts(and my Emma sneaking in the pic, as usual! LOL!)

The bride's Mom and Grandmother.

And the cake that was made my Meg's Aunt-t0-be; isn't it gorgeous?! Meg's color theme for the wedding is rich Autumn colors, since it's in November. I so can't wait for the big day, everything is going to be beautiful!!

and here is the gift table, which was abundant with wonderful gifts.

In my digi world, I have some good news... I have been offered a second CT position on the Late Night Scraps'(a/k/a Kelly) creative team, and of course I accepted! (Heck, who wouldn't!!!) She is the other designer over at Plucky Pear Designs, and what a duo her and Creations by Rachel(a/k/a Rachael) make!!! They are both truly amazing designers and I'm so totally honored to be on their teams! (Thank you ladies for having me!)

So, on to some of their latest cretions and my LOs using them:

This is Pixie by Creations by Rachael, which I gave you a sneak peak of in an earlier post. It's soft and delicate and full of bling. This darling kit has everything you need to scrap those precious little angels. It's not just fantasy it is magic! Jammed with glitter fairies, beautiful flowers, jewel encrusted butterflies, gems and charms galore, this kit will surely inspire you. Fatansy really isn't my cup-of-tea, (though I find fantasy LOs so beautiful) but as you can see by my LOs, this kit is perfect for an style of scrappin'. And it's still on sale too!!!
My scraps using Pixie:

And check out Farm Fresh by Late Night Scraps; isn't it just screaming Fall!!! It's perfect for many Fall activities... orchard trips, canning, or a nature walk. Picking fresh fruit right from the tree, vine or bush can be lots of fun. Whether you go as a family or your kids go with the scouts or school there are always amusing moments to capture and share. Apples, peaches, berries and pumpkins are featured in this orchard/farm inspired kit. Which highlights all of the colors of fall.

My first scrap using Farm Fresh; I'll be playing with this one some more, for sure!!!

Oh, and Rachael has some special offers available for the next 4 days only at Gotta Pixel. It's part of there Gotta Get It offers. The GottaGrab It Event is your chance to mix and match exclusive products that have the same color swatch so that you can create the perfect kit! Purchase only the packs you want, and all packs are only $1.00 each. This event will only last 4 days starting October 10, 2009! On October13th (EST) all the products will be switched to full price, so grab these awesome goodies now!

You only have 2 more days left to pick these products up for $1.00 each, so get over there! Her are Rachael's additions, called Little Boy Blue. Isn't it just adorable?!
Yep! And only a $1.00 each!!!!

And my scrap using Little Boy Blue. This is my great-nephew Tyler; what handsome little guy hey?!!!

Well, I'm gonna hit the couch and snuggle up under a blankie.
Tah! Tah! And stay free of the flu!

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