Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'm backkkkkk.... I did a lil' dii shopn' this morning and just had to come back a tell you all about what I found! :) The Lily Pad has a store wide sale going on, 30% or more off! So, I bought these! They were all too irristable, not to scoop them up!!!

And then I headed on over to Cat Scrap where found these beauties, for an awesome price! Everything is 25% off in their shop! Get it on it today, because the sales over at midnight!!!

Ya know, I think every one wants this kit and will own it! It will be perfect for our Mexico trip pics. And I'm sure you will see a few Mexico trip LOs from me, real soon! :)

Well we sent the dh off on his way to Florida (business trip) and we are not off to do a little shopn with Grandma. (Gotta get that fish for Emma and some yarn for me.) Later dudettes!!!

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