Saturday, January 12, 2008

It's the weekend!!! Wooo! Whooo! Although, my weekend has so taken a change of course. I was suppose to traditional scrap with my Mom & sis today, but I have a sick Emma. :( I wasn't feeling all that great yesterday myself and then when I got home last night from picking up Jenna, I find a sweetie with the flu. (She probably got it from Jenna, who had it a couple weeks ago.) So, hopefully Jenna won't get it again! Anyhow, Emma got sick a couple of times last night and is now running a fever. So, the weekend plans have changed... We are stuck here at home, with a sick child. I certainly hope I'm not getting it too... I'm thinkn', that if Emma is feeling up to it later, we may tye-dye some t-shirts. Gotta have a lil' fun, even when your sick. Right?!

Now, I'm sharing a LO I created this last week. Just couldn't go without creating a LO showing off Emma's new do. Must have that in Emma's albumn! What a fun LO to create; I used a ton of the Pixel Gypsy's products in this one. I just luv how it turned out!

Full credits can be found in my gallery over at DST.

Well, I think I will now work on finishing up a LO I started the other day. I'm using one of my newest kits, which I think everyone should own! (Isn't this kit full of fun?!!!)You can pick it up over at Cat Scrap for only $6.00. (Can you believe this was Madame Mim's first kit ever?!!) I'm thinkn' she is gonna a very popular designer... I know I luv her work!!!
I of course will share my LO here, once it's complete.

Til later. Lor

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