Saturday, January 12, 2008

Hey! I'm back to share that LO with you! It turned out so full of fun and spunk. See...

I think I'm gonna have to break into some of our Mexico Trip pics, to use this kit on!!!

Otherwise, things are going pretty good around here today. (Considering Emma has the flu...) She is still running a temp and hasn't eaten much. But, what she has eaten, has stayed with her! Wooo! Whooo! I feel so bad for her. It's wierd seeing her so low-key and all... she is usually so full of life. Although, I'm thinkn' she is on the road to recovery, since she is holdn' her own.

I have accomplished a number of things today too (besides the above LO). I finished up our laundry and cleaned out the frig. I also vacuumed out my car, wipped up the dash & such, took it through the car wash, checked the air pressure in the tires, and shinned up the rims & tires. It looks so nice.(There is nothing like a spic-and-span set of wheels! But, in the Winter wonderland of Wisconsin, I'm sure it won't stay lookn' that way long.... :(

Now, I guess I'm going to dust and clean-up my work-out area. (It really needs it!) I don't know why, but I'm much more inclined to work-out when it's nice and clean. Wierd hah?

Well, off I go! Tah! Tah! Until later. :)

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