Sunday, July 13, 2008

Good morning!

Good Sunday morning all! I'm gonna make this post fairly quick(And hopefull not as messy as last weeks post!), I have alot on my agenda today. It's been a busy week, with my Mom being in the hospital this week. She had totally hip replacement on surgery last Monday. Below are two pics of her from yesterday. She has been dealing with alot of pain so her recovery has been slow. But, she was dressed and got up to go eat supper. She did a great job!!!

And here are a few of my latest LOs. Credit can be found here and here.

Oh, and I can't leave without showing you the newest designs over at Pixel Gyps Designs!!! Check out the colorful and fun collab my the designers over there! It's packed full of Summer fun!!
And if you are joining the flair fun check out these my Amanda Carlson! They are also perfect for any girl or boy LO!!!

Well, that's it's for today! I'm out of here! Tah! Tah!

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