Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Sunday!

Well, it's been awhile since I posted... so I thought I best snap-to-it and share today. The last few weeks have been very busy, thus why Ihaven't taken the time to post. The biggest event was the 2008 Nationals Miss Jr. Pre-Teen Pageant that Emma was in two weeks ago. Wow! What an event that was, for Emma, me and about 150 other girls from Wisconsin. What an great experience for all of us; something that will stick with us forever. My Emma was not crowned and of course she was disappointed and there were tears. But, she agrees that it was a grand experience in so many ways, and would really like to participate again.
Otherwise, I've been busy with work... at home and at work. I've also been doing what I can to help my Mom, since she is limited as to what she can do. Last weekend, I spent an entire afternoon blowing leaves off her lawn; it was hard work. And you know what, the darn lawn is covered again!!! So, I guess I'll be doing that again before the snow falls around here. And Friday night Emma and I, and Emma's cousin Karissa, had a sleep-over at Grandma's. It was so nice to spend time with my Mom, and I know she enjoyed the company too. Before we left to come home, I did some house cleaning for her so she didn't have to worry about. And then did some of my own, along with 3 loads of laundry. Otherwise, that about sums up my last couple of weeks...
As for in my digi world... my pride and joy of being on the CT over at Pixel Gypsy Designs can be seen in my layouts below. With all the new designers, there comes many new desings to play with, and all so awesome! The new products are now released every Friday, so don't miss it each week, because with that comes a huge discount!(If you click on new products above, it will take you to the most recent Friday new releases.) I can't begin to share all of the terrific new products, because it's a huge amount, but I have shared a few of my favs below. Aren't they just coolest?!!! I've also shared a number of most recent LOs using these designs.
Here are my LOs and full credits can be found in my gallery over at PGD. And of course I scrapped my favorite pics of Emma in the pageant. :)

And here are a few of my favorite new products over at PGD, which can be found here.

Other then that, we are in the final two weeks of the AAM challenges at PGD. I never did complete LOs for the last three challenges... just couldn't get the thoughts flowing on the subjects. But, I do plan to complete the last one. I really enjoyed creating the LOs for my AAM album, what a great album to pass-on to Emma some day.
Well, I believe I'm out of here for the week. I think I'm going to get started on another LO. Thanx for checking in on me, and feel free to leave a comment, so I know you were here(It's good to know, that someone is actually reading my blog. LOL!) Chow!

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