Sunday, December 28, 2008

Well, it's been a bit busy around here, just it has for everyone lately. In addition to preparing for the Holidays, our Emma had her tonsils removed on Dec. 22nd. Thus, it's been a week of hunkering down at home. We sadly counldn't join in on all the Christmas celebrations, but at least Emma is recovering. Below are two pics from surgery day; a before and after pic.

And I'd also like to share a few pics from our Christmas. The first is my Mom opening her gift from Emma. It's an apron with a pic of Emma and Grandma in the kitchen together. They love to spend time in the kitchen together, so I thought it was the perfect gift. My just loved it.

This is me opening to me, from me! Yep! I always place a gift under the tree to me. This year I gave myself a custom made camera bag and camera strap(w/ my name embroidered on it.) It's awesome. I purchased it a Phat Straps sold on Esty. You must go check them out! She does very detailed work and
her service in superb!

These are of Emma and Jenna busy at gift opening! There was paper everywhere's by the time they were done!

And they love every one of their gifts.

And here is the dh enjoying his new Christmas recliner from Emma and I.

And a here are a few of the LOs I've completed since my last post about 2 weeks ago. Yep! I've been scrappin' when I can... So many fun pics to scrap lately. :)

I also want to direct you on to the Pixel Gypsy Site, where a new and exciting challenge experience is starting at the first of the year. If you are up fun and inspiring challenge, with great prizes, just click on the image below. Hope you join us for all the fun!!!

Well, I guess that's it for today... I'm off to do a few things around the house.
Tah! Tah! Until next week. :)

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