Sunday, January 18, 2009

Good morning to you and yours! I so hope you have a wonderful Sunday planned! The dh is out-of-town on a business trip for a few days, so Emma and I are on our own. Our plans for today, are to stay in our jammies and just enjoy a nice relaxing day together. I'm thinkin' we will be doing some gamin'; we are totally hooked on the Wii! Otherwise, I want to clean our bathroom closet, because it's a complete disaster and doing my ironing. Other then that, no other work for today... just plain relax the rest of the day. I do hope to play with some of the new products that hit the store shelves over at Pixel Gyspy Designs!

We have a couple new releases in the Pixel Gypsy Designs store! Wooo! Whooo! The newest addition to the Gypsy Collection is here! Mari's Rustic Lane Papers & Elements:

And Abish Allen brings you her Forever Sweet mini kit:

And besides these latest additions, there were butt-load of new products added last Friday! So what are you waiting for?!!! Head on over to the shoppe and check it out!

Oh, and keep your eye on the challenge forum today. Gypsy Girl Laura just posted a fresh new challenge on Friday that is going to get you moving in new directions and having a lot of fun!

And here are a few of my latest scraps, using some new products from last Friday's release. Some for challenges and some just for fun!

This one is totally out-of-the-box for me... isn't it just too funny! The Emma's Squared and I had spent last Saturday afternoon at the mall and the goofy girls just had to play! It was the perfect pic though for this new release by Abish Allen over at PGD.
Here are some before, during and after pics of my Emma getting her hair colored. She has been wanting some hi-lights, so we finally got her in do have it done! Her hair bleaches out so much in the Summer months, that it's blonde. Then come Fall, after it has started growing out, it's her natural brown on top and blonde on the ends. It looks terrible! So, now it looks as cute as can be, until this Summer again... and then it'll be completely blonde again! It's a vishish circle... But, for now her and I are happy with her doo! :)
And these are few more... :)

Oh, and did you hear about the sale going on over at the Pickle!!! OMG! It's one you don't wanna miss!!! There are loads of awesome products retiring from the store, like Kasia Designs, Nikki Beaudreau, and Faith... naming a few of my favs!!! I of course did some shopping... Not because I needed more stuff, because Lord knows I have enough! But, I just couldn't pass up all the cute stuff and the awesome prices!!! Here is what I picked up!!!

I have a LO in-the-works that I started yesterday, but never finished because PSE kept errorring-out on me. This was really pissing me off, so I shutr' down for the nite. So, I'm off to finish it up now and then to do my ironing. Later people! :)

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