Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

Wow! Has it been a busy weekend!!! Thus, I haven't had much time to scrap. :( This is the only LO I scrapped this week. But of course, I so wanna scrap today!

Full credits can be found here in my galllery at PGD.

Hey, there’s the new paper and element coordinates, Paper Chaser,
from Alicia Murphy at Pixel Gypsy Designs!

And some fun word art by Sherrie Piegdon, I must play with these for sure!
Otherwise, I just have some pics to share. Just a few I've taken over the last couple of days.
This is a pic of a stray cat that hangs around my Mom's neighborhood; it's he just the ugliest cat you've ever seen? So ugly he's cute. LOL! He hangs around enough that I called him scruffy.

Here is a pic of Emma's sweet little Thumper. His ears have now lopped down, both of them. For the last couple of weeks, he's been running around with one up and one down. Too funny hah?! And I think he's actually starting to grow!

And here are some pics from our adventures yesterday. We enjoyed some lobster with Uncle Greg, pool-side. It was fun watching Emma with the lobster, cuz it was her first time ever. She found she loved it and would have really liked to have more. Oh no... we've created a monster!!

And my Emma having fun in the pool.

Well, that's it for today. I'm off to iron and then to enjoy the Summer sun in the pool!
Have a wonderful day! :)

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