Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happpy July 4th!!!

Happy July 4th to the US of A!!! I hope you have some great festivities planned and enjoy your day of independence, however you plan to spend it. We are having our annual pool party and then enjoying the fire-works off our back deck! It's going to be such a fun day! Friends and family gathering and having fun is always the perfect way to spend the day!

I've been very busy lately(good & bad), thus why I didn't post last Sunday. I won't bore you with the all the details, because there are just way too many too list!

I have lots of new LOs to show you(because I didn't post last weekend) and lots of new goodies to tell you about! The Pixel Gypsy Shop is overflowing with some spectacular new products!!! So, let me fill you in. These first six layouts, are a few of my latest created using a variety of my digi supplies!

This LO was created using our new designer's designs, Cari Cruse! She debued last weekend at Pixel Gypsy Designs and has been rawking the shop with her fantastic creations! We are so lucky to have her; she is truly amazing at designing! This new kit is called Knotical; isn't it just awesome?!!! I just adore it; perfect for my Mexico pics!

OMG! And check out this LO! I am so proud of this one; I l just love how it turned out! Between the beautiful new kit, I Love Cupcakes, that Ami Collefello created, and my brush work off to the right, my LO turned out just as I pictured it in my mind.

Oh, and look at this LO of mine! I'm so very proud of this one too! I used a close-up shot of my Emma's eyes, because I think they are just too beautiful not to focus on. Between the awesome pic, the Aged Memory photo action(by Sherrie Piegdon of PGD) I used on the pic, and this stunning new kit, American Salute, by Cari Cruse, this LO just rawks! (See... told you I was proud of it! LOL!)

Okay, now this LO is a fun one! Full of fun and brights; a perfect mix! I used Amanda Carlson's new Puffy Fruit elements on it. Doesn't it just scream Summer?! So fun! :)

This is just a few of the new products over at Pixel Gypsy.... yes there are more! The designers over there have been on fire! Crazy on fire! And I am so lovin' it, because it gets the mojo and inspiration flying for the entire CT! So nobody put the fire out please!!! LOL!

Oh... and if you are looking for some great challenges and a way to earn some coupons/GC from the Pixel Gypsy Shop, you may want to check out our challenges for the month of July. I hosted our first one of the month, which is a photography challenge. Here are the details of the challenge:

It's been said, "If your pictures aren't good enough, you're not close enough!" I don't think this means we should all go out and buy a new lens, but what it does mean, is we should make sure that our subject is the largest and most prominent thing in the frame. By doing this, we make it clear to our viewers what our photo is supposed to be about. The closer we get to our subject the more interesting it becomes and the more impact it has.

So this weeks challenge is about filling the frame; composing our photo so that our subject is clearly identified and the main focus of our photo. So go get close to your subject or crop a pic of whatever suits you, and then scrap it! And most importantly, have fun with it!

*Don't forget, that your layout must include at least one PGD item. You also will need to post your layout in our gallery by the end of the month and add a link to this post to get credit. And here are a couple awesome CT takes at this challenge, to get that mojo going! My "What a Lil' Fruit" LO above and this one from Tashdown(a/k/a Teri) should get you brain-stormin' a LO! Have fun and I hope you join us!

Well, I best going... we have party to prep for! Well, and to be honest, I wanna squeeze in some srappin' time first!!! LOL! Have a wonderful 4th; enjoy those fireworks!(And here is hoping you are able to snap some great pics of you day!)

*All images are clickable to the shop and galleries over at PGD!

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Wow Lor! That's a lot of scrapping going on and all of it's awesome!!


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