Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good morning!

I so hope your weekend has been a great one, and that your Sunday is off to a wonderful start! I crawled out of bed quite early this morning(5:00 a.m.); too early, especially considering it's the weekend and I could sleep in...

I am so missing my Emma! She went on an adventure with her best friend and her Mom! Her friend's Mom is participating in a Tri today up in Door County, Wisconsin. (Good luck Tracy!!!) They're gone for five days! She hasn't been away from home, for that many days, without out me. But, she begged me to let her go and said she could handle it. (I so hope she is!) Tracy sent me a pic of the girls through Facebook.(Thanx Tracy!!!) Aren't they just too stinkin' cute?!!!

Otherwise, I've just been trying to keep busy, so I don't miss my girl so much! Cleaning and such, and I got my hair cut, colored and hi-lighted yesterday. My best friend Tina does my hair and she did a superb job! Thanx Tina for making me feel beautiful! :)

Otherwise, this past week was a busy one, so I didn't get a whole lot of scrappin' time in. :( The designers over at Pixel Gypsy Designs have been on fire lately and I honestly can't keep up! Don't get me wrong, I am loving all the goodies! Every one of the designers have created some unbelievable goodies. Here is one of them created by Sherrie Piegdon called "By The Sea" and I did get the opportunity to play!!!

Here is my creation; my Emma in the pool. :)

You really need to check out the shop over at Pixel Gypsy Designs, it is loaded with all kinds of new goodies!!! I'm definately going to be playing today!
Oh, and here is my LO for the BOCT Challenge Round 1. Our team for the Pixel Gypsy Store is made up of a terriffic group of CTs gals; Deb, Jenn, Mari, Whit, and me! And we've all completed and posted our LOs for the first round and they are all superb LOs indeed!
This weeks BOCT challenge is: Make a white space (or negative space) layout. Easy, huh? Not so much! Your team layouts must have a common color theme (examples: black and white; monochromtatic; red, white and blue...). Optional: For all you over-achievers out there, see if you can come up with a common theme or topic for your team to scrap, as well!
And here is what we choose for color and topic themes: Brown is the main color, with splashes of blue and green and outdoorsy theme.-- just any kind of picture taken outside. Here is mine:

I'm really looking forward to Round 2!!! Bring it on DSA!!!
*Click on my LOs for full credits.
Well, I'm out of here for the day! Tah! Tah!

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