Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh... has it been a crazy life lately...

So crazy, that I haven't even taken the time to update my blog. Sad that my blog gets neglected, but something has to be, when life becomes a bit out of control.

So, what's been going on? Well, here is a list:

-Prepping for the new school year (school clothes & supply shoppin')-Scheduling & prepping of & for Emma's dance lessons, Girl Scout meetings, and basketball season.

-Helping my Mom because she is still recovering from hip sugery & is limited on what she can do. And getting her to her doctor & therapy appointments.

-Also, my dear mother-in-law passed away. (She really was a wonderful and amazing woman.)

-We added a cute little puppy to our family; a pom/peke mix. Her name is Missy Ooops.

-And we had Jenna for the weekend.

-Oh, and my house work got squeezed in there too. LOL!

Thus, there really hasn't been a whole lot of time for much of anything else. I'm fine with this though, because I have to stay on top of things and stay organized or I get even more stressed. So, a few things get set aside until life allows me time to get back on them.

How about a peak at our new pooch? Meet our sweet little Missy Ooops. :)

And of course pics of Missy have been scrapped by both Emma & I. This first one is by Emma; isn't it just adorable? Emma has really become one good little digi scrapper!

And this is mine:

Oh, and another of Missy Ooops by me. I used an adorable new kit, "Wild Child", by Christy Peffly of Pixel Gypsy Designs and Letter Pressed Alphas(in 3 colors) by Kim Gehring also new and found at Pixel Gypsy Designs.
And a few more scraps of mine and the designs used.

And another. :)

Images are totally clickable to store and for credit.

Well, I really must go. Got things I wanna get done today. Tah! Tah! for now! And thanx for visiting! :)

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