Sunday, November 8, 2009

Morning all and Happy Digital Scrapbook Day! Well, yesterday was actually DSD, but hey, us digital scrappers celebrate all weekend long! LOL! Fun and games, great deals and freebies all weekend long! I luv it~
Other then that, I started my weekend with dinner out and a school dance with Emma and a couple of her friends and one of her friend's Mom, Tracey. We had a great time and we all danced the night away. Here are a few pics from our evening.
Here are the girls at our place before we left. Don't they just look the coolest?!
And here are of some pics from the dance. Notice there weren't that many parents dancing, but being that Tracey and I aren't shy and love to dance, we were out there for the entire evening. :) And yes, we imbarressed the girls! LOL!

Yesterday I spent the morning cleaning around the house and then we went shopping. Emma found the perfect dress for this coming weekend's wedding. And I'm sure you'll see pics of the wedding next Sunday. :) We topped are day off with dinner out at Pizza Hut and then some snuggle time in front of the t.v. We enjoyed the new release, Ice Age - Dawn of the Dinosaurs ~ it was a cute movie.

Today... well I'll do my normal ironing for the up-coming work week and then we are going to spend some time outside. It is going to hit 60 degrees here today; our Indian Summer is here! I'm sure this gorgeous Autumn weather won't last long and the snow will be falling soon, so we best enjoy it well we can.

So, on to digi stuff! :) Plucky Pear has a sale going in celebration of DSD, so you may want check that! Loads of awesome designs and amazing deals!!!

(*This image is linked to the store!)
And here are a few of my latest scraps.

Well, that's it for today. I'm out of here! Tah! Tah!

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