Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fun and crazy weekend!

So, how was your weekend? I hope you had a great weekend. I did, but gosh it went by way to fast! It was a busy weekend and packed full of fun! Friday night Emma had her best buds all over for a sleep-over(yes, I must be loony! LOL!) But, they were good and they had loads of fun (and lost lots of sleep, as did I!). :) Check out Emma's bedroom after the sleep-over... clothes and stuffed animals were every where. As long as they had fun right?... :)

I did some scrappin' over the weekend too... (I've always gotta squeeze that in, it's my therapy)! I final dug into the "One Love" collab which was put together by many designers in the community for Haiti relief. The kit is packed full and it's huge. I think I could scrap for an entire year on this one and not get bored! :) It's still available for purchase in many stores, including Scrap Orchard where I picked up mine.

And here is my creation. This is me in Mexico and I am now longing to be there(and counting the day until our departure on March 17th). :)

Oh, and I scrapped some pics from last weekends Rock Climbing adventure with the Girl Scout Troop. I used Creation by Rachael's "Into The Woods" again. I'm having a blast playing with that kit; it's so versitile! And remember, it's retiring real soon, so snag it now at $2!!!
And while I'm on the topic of Creations by Rachael, check out this sneak peek! Cool hey? Be watching the shoppe over at Plucky Pear Designs, because it will be hitting the store shelves real soon! :)
(*All images a clickable to the shoppes or gallery for full credit.)

Well, I guess that's it for now... I think I'll go snuggle up with my Emma and fur balls and watch some tv.
Tah! Tah! Until next time! :)

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