Sunday, February 14, 2010

Good Sunday to you all! Hope your weekend and Valentines has been a wonderful one! My weekend was a busy one... cleaning, laundry, shopping, and spending some time with my Mom and helping her... I didn't get much scrappin' in... :( But, a very rewarding weekend indeed!
Here are a few pics from Valentines in our household... Tony opening his card/gift from Emma and I. He loved the card; it was a musical card(country music) that Emma picked out. He got a kick out of the fact that Emma wrote that right in the card.

And here is one of the goodies Emma found in her Valentines gift bag from Tony and I. She immediately had to bust out the Wii and play. That's my girl! :)
!(And sweet, cuz it's one of those kinds of gift that we can all enjoy! LOL!)

And this here is our little Missy Mae Oooops with a Emma's Valentine balloon tied to her collar. She was having fun trying to get it, as it followed her all around the house. Way cute!

Alrighty, I can finally show you the new kit hitting the shoppes today; "Urban Chic" by Creations by Rachael! I just checked, and it's not in the shoppe yet, but Rachael says today!!! So keep your eyes on the Plucky Pear Shoppe!!! This kit is amazing and must have! It's got plenty of attitude to go with those pics of yours!

And here are my two scraps, with this awesome kit! I had so much fun scrappin' with kit. I know you will too~

Oh, and while I'm on the topic of Creations by Rachael, I wanted to mention the sale going on over at her Gotta Pixel Shoppe. All of her designs are 30% off through the 15th. What a great sale!!! A great time pick up all those designs of hers for a heck of a price!

And the Gotta Pixel "Gotta Get It" designs have hit the shoppe too! Wooo! Whooo! And check out Rachael's goodie, which you can scoop-up for $1.00!!!! It's "Love My Boys," and it's got a touch of boys and love in it! It's an awesome mini, that can be used in some many ways!
And here is a scrap of mine... I had to scrap pics of my boys, my Peanut and Ace.

And here are a couple of new design templates by Late Night Scraps! You can find them in her shoppe over at Plucky Pear Designs. I'm lovin' these big time! And currently working on a LO using both. I'm so hoping to get back to that LO later tonight. (Wish me luck!)

Oh, I must show you the latest my Amanda Carlson from over at Elemental Scraps!!! This is "Tuff Stuff," it's a revamp of one of her very first kits. It's perfect for masculine pages of all ages. But, I'm thinkin' it will be perfect for some pics of my boys, Ace and Peanut! (That's the next LO I'll be working on.)

*All LOs are linked to my gallery for full credit!

Well, that's it for today. I must scoot and get back at that LO of mine! Tah! Tah!

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