Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year to you and your families!!! It's so hard to believe that the holiday season has passed; but it always goes by so fast... And now a new year is upon us, with new memories to be made, with joys and challenges to come. I don't like to make resolutions, and usually don't. Simply, just because, I already live each day, one-by-one, and strive to make it the best. I will continue to do the same in 2008.
First, I wanna share a couple of pics. The first, is of my brother Joni; he passed away on Christmas Eve in 1994. The second, of my sister Marcie (and I), she passed away two years ago today. Their memories live on, within us. I miss them both so much...
And here are a fews pics from our Christmas experiences for 2007.
Our house after a big snow storm, right before Christmas.
Yep! Santa had plenty of snow this year, here in Wisconsin!
This is my Emma, on Christmas morning, diggn' into the gifts!
(Santa brought her some Funkies!) And loads of other cool gifts.
And here are Mia & Erich's twins... Taylor & Emily.
This was at Grandma's house(my Mom's) on Christmas Day.
They are just too darn cute, aren't they?!
And this is also at Grandma's house, at gift opening time. Total craziness! Gift wrap is always flying in a million directions.

Well, I'm off for now.... it's time to snuggle with my Emma and watch a lil' T.V.

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